42 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again…”

    1. You brave, pragmatic, no-nonsense girl, you.
      I prefer to complain and use the occasional swear-word, then, finally, challenging God to explain herself. Still waiting for that particular answer, though.

      1. It’s mainly big for those who lose. My view is that I prefer Commonwealth allies but that is old-fashioned. Why? I mean, just why? Truth, is, Europe has done the UK no favours. Our commonwealth people have been there for us every single time. An age thing maybe?

  1. Yes, it is a never ending cycle. In a subtropical climate (you may recall), the bugs and weeds carry on 365 days a year. We will not even mention the ones that like to live inside.

  2. Oh boy! Its slugs and snails here – the worst in 38 years. I know they are useful detritivores, but I wish they’s stick to the detritus and leave our veg alone! Thanks for speaking for us gardeners.

  3. Good one Cynthia – between our mosquitoes, batches of poison ivy and now I’m allergic to winter creeper (in a big way) I should stay indoors. But, I’m a sucker for punishment and love working the gardens – so I’m not going to complain. Have a beautiful weekend.

  4. I think She meant all the bugs, birds, snails and slugs. 🙂 Weather, however, we don’t have to love all the time! We had pea-sized hail recently, twice in the same day. Plants that survived Round 1 with minimal damage were shredded in Round 2 an hour later. Most things have survived, but look a bit like they were shot full of holes. Hot weather coming up next down here!

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