42 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again…”

    1. You brave, pragmatic, no-nonsense girl, you.
      I prefer to complain and use the occasional swear-word, then, finally, challenging God to explain herself. Still waiting for that particular answer, though.

      1. It’s mainly big for those who lose. My view is that I prefer Commonwealth allies but that is old-fashioned. Why? I mean, just why? Truth, is, Europe has done the UK no favours. Our commonwealth people have been there for us every single time. An age thing maybe?

  1. Oh boy! Its slugs and snails here – the worst in 38 years. I know they are useful detritivores, but I wish they’s stick to the detritus and leave our veg alone! Thanks for speaking for us gardeners.

  2. Good one Cynthia – between our mosquitoes, batches of poison ivy and now I’m allergic to winter creeper (in a big way) I should stay indoors. But, I’m a sucker for punishment and love working the gardens – so I’m not going to complain. Have a beautiful weekend.

  3. I think She meant all the bugs, birds, snails and slugs. 🙂 Weather, however, we don’t have to love all the time! We had pea-sized hail recently, twice in the same day. Plants that survived Round 1 with minimal damage were shredded in Round 2 an hour later. Most things have survived, but look a bit like they were shot full of holes. Hot weather coming up next down here!

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