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A Great Outcome

I’ve been wanting to share this story for weeks now.

Our grand-cat, Jerome, disappeared. He’d gone for his usual short walk in his Seattle neighborhood, but didn’t return home. Our daughter and son-in-law were — as pet-lovers everywhere can imagine — deeply distressed.

I could hear the worry in their voices, even as they tried to be calm.

Blog Photo - Jerome sitting

Two days passed. No Jerome.


They searched every nook and cranny in their new neighborhood and beyond. They posted notices, knocked on neighbours’ doors, and prayed.

Relatives in Toronto, New York, Texas, and everywhere, were also distressed. Jerome and his brother, Simon, are loved by us all. The news spread fast, as did the anxiety.

Four days passed. No Jerome.


“Mom”, as everyone calls my mother-in-law, prayed. She made us all smile when she revealed that she had even called the American prayer line “Unity” with a prayer request.

“This poor cat was moved from Toronto and moved again to a new home just a few months ago,” she told the person who answered. “And now he’s lost.”

Blog Photo - Jerome1

“Could you give me the new address?” the lady asked sympathetically.

“I can’t remember it right now,” Mom replied. “I’m a bit upset.”

The lady soothed her and they prayed together.

Five days passed, then six. No Jerome.


The following morning, just before 5 a.m. (just before 2 a.m. Seattle time) our daughter texted the family to say Jerome was found.

Blog Photo - Jerome back safe and sound

Good Samaritan “Abe” lives several busy intersections away from Jerome’s neighborhood. He was out for a late-night smoke and saw Jerome. Concerned, he got close enough to read the contact information on Jerome’s collar and phoned.

It was such good news for our daughter and son-in-law and for the whole family.

We’re very thankful Jerome’s back home. Bless you, Abe.

Blog Photo - Jerome on Pizza Box


31 thoughts on “A Great Outcome”

  1. So glad your grand-cat was found! As a cat lover I can understand the anxiety of a lost kitty. Those toms seem to want to roam a bit even if they are fixed. He looks like one we used to have. Love the photos!

  2. Yay, I sympathize with you all. Six days are way too long worrying. Jerome looks to be a great cat. Thank Abe. One of my greyhounds got out after a storm blew our gate open. He was found a few hours later, smelling railroad tracks near our house.

  3. Oh, I just love the Abes of the world! I am so happy for your happy ending. We were able to do similar for a cat owner a few years ago–and it was so rewarding:).

  4. Cats sometimes move house. Just pick up and leave. I was thinking Jerome may have done that, but I’m glad he’s back safe and sound where he belongs. Thanks for a story with a happy ending.

  5. Glad to hear this was good news, after your struggles of late! Jerome looks a great deal like my dear Zack–I know how I’d feel if he went missing . . .

  6. Beautiful cats… I completely understand daughter and son-in-law’s reactions. We lost a cat who never returned and tried everything. Now we get deeply distressed if either of our cats as much as stray from their usual mealtime routines while they are out. Most the time they pop in and out using the cat flap for this. If neither of us see them at a meal time and there’s no evidence of food being eaten for several hours, we start to worry and go out calling for them.

  7. Hooray for Abe! I was fortunate that none of the cats I had ever went missing. Some of my parents cats did go missing and quite a few never came back. Jerome looks a beautiful ginger tom!

  8. Cynthia, I’m glad the title of this post sunk in before I read it, otherwise I’d have been terribly distressed. Losing a beloved animal companion is heart-wrenching, regardless the reason. I hope Jerome had a lovely adventure. If only he could speak … 🙂 xx

  9. I am very glad that Jerome was found and returned home – he was very lucky. I (of course) have a solution for that which is a win-win for everyone – let the cats be happy indoor kitties. No getting lost or any of the other frightening things that can befall outdoor wanderers and a consistently unworried cat mom and dad. 🙂

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