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Garden Joys

One of my favourite posts — especially since this summer was a bust! Do enjoy.

Cynthia Reyes

It’s such a joy to grow things.

Blog Photo - Veggie Garden Lettuce

And even more satisfying to know that the stuff we’re eating is from our own garden.

Blog Photo - Garden harvest baskets with toamtoes peppers eggplants on table

This year, as I walked through the garden, I found myself eating berries and vegetables before I even got them into the house.

Blog Photo - Verandah - Red Currants

Instead of making jelly, I ate the currants fresh from the bush every day.

Asparagus spears, delicious when eaten fresh, often didn’t make it into the kitchen.

Same for the raspberries and even some tomatoes.

Being able to forage for food in one’s own garden is a privilege.

Blog Photo - Garden harvest Basket tomatoes pumpkin

Recently, we’ve made herb oils (basil, in this case).

Blog Photo - Herb Oils 2

And I’ve made peach cake.

Blog Photo - Peach

Knowing my tragic history with baking cakes, my family was impressed by how well it turned out.

Blog Photo - Cake 2

I was so impressed with my baking victory that I kept making the same cake over and over again.

Blog Photo - Cake Cut

“Make her stop!” younger daughter begged…

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22 thoughts on “Garden Joys”

  1. The cake thing made me laugh. Sounds like a way to make some bake sale cash for charity. I’ve been eating my little tomatoes right out of the garden too. At least those I didn’t give away. I gave the large tomatoes to neighbors since I can’t seem to eat them. It’s a small way to pay back or forward kindness. I wouldn’t be making jam from the berries either. I used to sit under our weeping mulberry and just eat as well as the apricots. Nothing ever made it inside. I have little tomatoes now for breakfast. I get it. 🙂

  2. Here’s a wish for a better summer next time Cynthia. Our last summer was ‘a bust’ too – I do like that saying 🙂 Maybe this was a fortuitous time for you to be incapacitated. You’ll be firing on all cylinders by the time the next (fabulous) summer swings round………..

  3. It is a joy to grow things, and eat one’s way through the garden! To share the excess with friends and neighbors, and just to be out among the green and growing is good for the soul. Here’s to many a bountiful, and healthy, summer to come!

    I have never grown, or eaten fresh currants. Those look delicious! I may have try growing some now. 🙂

  4. It is wonderful to grow food in your own garden. My childhood was like that, where everyone had a vegetable garden. I am looking forward to growing lettuces next month when our weather cools down.

  5. While the water boiled on the stove my brothers and I harvested from the garden; from vegetables and fruits to fresh herbs; often indulging in the decadent freshness before the soil had time to resettle. It is a privilege to forage for food in one’s own garden 🙂

  6. I feel the same way as you, Cynthia: Nothing beats the pleasure and satisfaction of growing and harvesting your own. Lovely pics to accompany your words. 🙂

  7. I keep wishing for a garden but I haven’t been able to do anything about it — yet. It’s true, there’s nothing better than fresh food from your own garden. I’ve experienced it once in my life and wish for it again. Your cake thing sounds like me. If I stumble on a recipe that comes out good and people like, I tend to run it into the ground! LOL!

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