A Good Home, Canada 150, Fall Fashion


Photos by Joanne Schuetzl


I really should get out more often!

Photo - St Thomas Fashion Show Food and 150 Napkins

I was giddy with delight to attend this event in the village of Brooklin, Ontario. It was a celebration of Canada 150, our country’s 150th birthday since confederation. 

Photo - St Thomas Fashion Show Model in Grey

Photo - St Thomas Fashion Show Model Rosie

It was — of all things — a fashion show.  (I say that because I haven’t been to one in decades.) The models were almost all people I know, from their 30’s to …. well, I didn’t dare ask!

Photo - St Thomas Fashion show Model Helen in lovely outfit

Photo - St Thomas Fashion Show Model and Escort John wear Red and Black

There were a few men in the audience. Some were in the show, escorting the models, looking happy and debonair.

Photo - St Thomas Fashion show Sally and Escort Andrew

Photo - St Thomas Fashion Show Sharon2

Photo - St. Thomas fashion show model in green top

Photo - St Thomas Fashion show Model Lynn

This elegant fundraiser was organized by the women and men of St. Thomas’ Anglican (our family church) in the village. 

Photo - St thomas Fashion show Model in Black and White

The clothes are from “Connie’s” in the village and the team, led by Nancy and Sharon, did a great job. 

Photo - St Thomas Fashion Show Model in T-shirt

The woman below is our priest, Canon Claire Wade. A star in last year’s show, she chose observer status this year. (And still looks stylish!)

Photo - st Thomas Fashion Show Canon Claire

The photo below is with friends and it’s one of the few times I wasn’t eating. The food was delicious. (Did I say that before?)

Photo - St Thomas Fashion show 4 Wimmen

Unfortunately, I had to leave early. But I ate a lot, applauded a lot, wished I could afford to buy several of the outfits, and totally enjoyed myself.  What more could a person ask?

Congrats, Nancy and Sharon!

35 thoughts on “SO FASHIONABLE, DAHLING!”

    1. Yup, I’d be the only one limping along with my cane! They did ask me and I thought it was time for a disabled person to join a fashion show, but then I broke my good leg. I’ve had to explain that I really wanted to take part, and I didn’t break my good leg on purpose!

  1. I think fashion charity shows are a great idea, especially when the models are ‘normal’ people, not super models we see in magazines etc. My friends does one every year for a hospice she works for and it is always a great success..

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