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The Undomestic Diva – Christmas Planter

You’ve never seen such a glamorous photo of me, I know!

Blue pyjamas, my husband’s house-robe, black socks and beige slippers. And yes, that’s a single blue curler in my hair. Don’t ask why.

Blog Photo - Christmas 2017 Planter and Cynthia in houserobe

I woke up determined to do this thing that I’m so inadequate at. 

It took me such a long time that breakfast had to be brought to me right there on the floor. 

Mr. J., the grand-Pug, kept circling me, bemused.

I kept taking out the dried hydrangea and putting them back in.

And this is what The Thing looked like by the time I surrendered….

Blog Photo - Christmas 2017 Planter Outside

As with all my arrangements, it was still missing something — more greenery, brownery, reddery?

Or a birdhouse. Or a shiny thing. Or something.

But that’s for figuring out on another day. 

My Ingredients:

  1. Small branches of cedar and pine
  2. Wild sumac flowers from the roadside
  3. Dried hydrangea from our garden
  4. White birch branches from our garden
  5. Magnolia leaves bought at the nursery
  6. Potting soil – I normally use potting soil from the summer garden, but this year I used fresh potting soil.

I have no doubt that you are greatly impressed.

Photos by Dan Leca.

59 thoughts on “The Undomestic Diva – Christmas Planter”

  1. Please, may I vote for more reddery? I love the word, the colour and the sumac flowers. And your determination, as pictured. Enjoy your Christmas preparations!

  2. See I KNOW that when you wake up in the morning and can’t help but get on with ‘the thing’ then the time is right, the inspiration is flowing and what emerges is what is meant to emerge. Nothing we create is ever finished, there is always a bit more to add here or there – or a bit to eradicate from here or there and ‘the thing’ just keeps getting better and better and it all started with the early morning need to get up and get creating……… I love that it is made from your garden and the roadside and I love the green and goldy-bronze tones of it. It is a wonderful thing!!

    1. Thank you for liking the green and goldy-bronze tones of it. I’d like to say that was deliberate on my part, but no-one would believe that, least of all me! I like that idea that “what emerges is what is meant to emerge”. May I please use it the next time I bake something and it doesn’t work out? (haha)
      Then again, I also like the thought that the arrangement really isn’t finished and I can keep working at it! Thanks for that wise insight. Now you have me thinking….

  3. I agree with thecontentedcrafter, it is a wonderful thing. Especially the wild sumac. But the most wonderful sight is you in your pjs and slippers. Rather than the blue curler, I think a piece of wild sumac in your hair would have completed the picture.

  4. The Thing is really quite lovely! I like that it is subdued and soft, rather than all flashy and bright. That photo of you makes me think so much of an old friend I’ve fallen out of touch with . . . !

  5. Cynthia, it is wonderful! I like the hydrangea flowers very much and the sumac too. How did you get down onto the floor? I can’t do that easily and I certainly can’t get back up again without lots of help! You look lovely! So comfortable and determined.

  6. That arrangement is a wonderful creation, Cynthia! It is good to see you decorating. And Mr. J. the Grand-Pug looks like he is having a thoroughly good time supervising the process!

    1. Thanks very much, Chip. should the berry branches be low and drooping or in the middle? I have some birch branches already, but they are quite short. Do you mean taller ones?

  7. I love that when I get to doing something and time slips off and then it finally gets finished. Of course, like you, I always think it needs something else, but you have to believe all that focus created just the right thing. I love the work in progress picture as well–and the pug, too.

  8. Your perseverance, Cynthia, has made you succeed, starting from a dried hydrangea as a base, to achieve a beautiful composition reminiscent of an Advent wreath.
    Love ❤

  9. I love that you just went with it and started and created, no matter what time it was, or what you were wearing. Ohhh, the things we miss when we wait for the ‘perfect’ time…I love your arrangement and you shine a light for any time being ‘the’ time. Go Cynthia. ❤

  10. Cynthia, you are too hard on yourself! I think you are more domestically talented than you give yourself credit for, as each year you put together a totally lovely planter – as you did this year. I say give yourself a pat on the back! :o)

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