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Siblings Reading

There’s something about watching a child read a book you wrote.

It warms the heart.

That intense concentration, that look that says the rest of the world doesn’t exist right now.

Reading was like that for me as a child — I got entirely lost in the worlds of the books I read. 

Myrtle - Boys reading

Meet Jian Noa, 10, and younger brother Taj, 7. The brothers attend a French school in Toronto. Taj has been teaching himself to read in English and was proud to be able to read Myrtle.

They and their loving grandmother brought the book for me to autograph, and Taj read the book to me, and we all had a great visit.

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting and child

Earlier, at a Christmas party hosted by friends in the countryside northwest of Toronto, I had the pleasure of meeting two other readers. In the middle of a room filled with adults — talking, drinking, eating appetizers, moving around — I noticed two children sitting on a sofa reading Myrtle.

Siblings Claire, 6 and Josh, 8, were totally absorbed in the book.

They read every page to each other as if they were the only people in the room.

When I asked what they thought of the book, they both responded with “I loved it.” When I asked why, Claire said: “I love the pictures and all the colours.”

Josh’s response nearly took my breath away: “I loved it because it teaches kids that it’s not how you look, it’s how nice you are that matters”.

Wow. Isn’t that wonderful?

 #loveyourshell 💜

50 thoughts on “Siblings Reading”

    1. I love it when siblings read to each other, it not only builds their reading skills but it also creates a sense of respect and unity! It is never to early to help them love books and the interaction between the reader and the one listening! When my granddaughters were very young I sometimes read books with interactive parts they could manipulate encouraging participation and building a love of books and reading! As they grew older they would bring the book to me because it became their favorite!

  1. Wonderful indeed when your book is read, appreciated and understood. What pleasure that must give you, Cynthia.

  2. My heart is melting reading this and wow, what an insightful comment at the end from someone so young! Cynthia, what a treat for you to witness their intense enjoyment of your book! Hugs zxxxx

    1. A total treat, Annika. And people will have many delighted reactions to your brand-new book, “The Storyteller Speaks”. I can already say that, having read part of it. Congrats, Annika!

  3. What a wonderful post Cynthia, and how wonderful that your book taught the lesson its not what is on the outside but the inside that counts.. just no greater lesson to be learned.. Wonderful.. 🙂

    1. It really is, Clare. I can hardly describe what it feels like. Because, as you know, I very nearly didn’t publish that book. the story had been sitting in my desk drawer for more than twenty years. To see how involved young readers become with the story is extraordinary.

      1. So far, cold but good. We’ve been seeing a lot of movies, a perfect winter activity.

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