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Amaryllis Flowers for John

My dear friend John

The gardener one

Has been unwell quite lately


Blog Photo - Amaryllis Solo Bloom

And so I send

These flowers for him

The ones I think most stately


I know John may

Of course prefer

That flow’r that’s caused some conflict


Between us friends

And made me near

Become a horto-convict



For stealing John’s

Wisteria vine

That bloomed and bloomed all summer


While ours had been

A true disgrace

A non-performing bummer


Blog Photo - Green wisteria 4

But John, my dear

It’s cold out there

And vines are not in flower


So will you please

Accept these blooms

Now flow’ring at this hour?


Blog Photo - Amaryllis in Vase January 2018.JPG

They bring much love

And happy thoughts

Of better days before us


And best of all

They’ll bloom again

With gusto and with no fuss.


Dedicated to our dear friend John, in hopes that this excruciatingly bad poetry will make him laugh, and to his loving wife and son.



33 thoughts on “Amaryllis Flowers for John”

    1. John’s wisteria blooms repeatedly during the summer. Since mine rarely bloomed, I have accused him of feeding his wisteria illegal drugs and powerful steroids, but he only smiles mysteriously. Seriously, I think he cuts it back after each blooming, but it’s the only wisteria I have met that keeps reblooming.

  1. Best wishes to John. I spied the amaryllis along with a four legged friend in the background of the photo in your previous post. I am glad the amaryllis has come to the fore with accompanying verse.

    1. I just discovered that cut Amaryllis flowers last longer than the ones left on the plant! 5 blooms a-blooming for more than a week! You know how I allege that I’m an expert on Amaryllis bulbs? Clearly this ‘allegator’ doesn’t know anything at all.

  2. My niece just gave me a bulb and pot to try and grow one. eek! They are stunning flowers and so are the wisteria. Planted one in my son’s yard and it did not do even as well as yours. 😦 At least your’s looks alive.

  3. I am sure, Cynthia, your friend john and his family willl be happy with your poetic sending of Amaryllis , that is certainly one of the most beautiful flower.
    With all my best wishes for 2018 and especially a great success for the Purple Turtle..
    Love ❤

  4. I just love that poem! I suspect that some dodgy pruning might be the reason for your lack of flowers …. and I thought I saw some hostas too by the roots …. This makes me ask, “How much sun is your wisteria getting?!” ☀️☀️☀️

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