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Photos to Brighten your Day


Some people asked to see more Hamlin Grange photos.

I heard you. 

Here are some more — just click:


Have a great day, friends.

34 thoughts on “Photos to Brighten your Day”

  1. Cynthia, thanks so much for sharing more of Hamlin’s photos; he has such a wonderful eye. I think my favorites are those of Moccasin Lake, but I also just love the red berries on the icy branches. I haven’t been out and about taking photos nearly enough lately, and I feel inspired looking at his. Hamlin — great job. Don’t stop taking pictures and never stop learning. Cheers!

    1. At the start of his journalism career, he was a professional journalist and photographer for newspapers – studied both at university — and now it’s something he does as a hobby.

  2. Such lovely photos. Thank you for giving us the key to finding them, Cynthia, and for letting us see the beauty of the world through your eyes, Hamlin. A lovely addition to those we have already seen here.

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