12 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Follow the Rules”

  1. Thank you for giving readers the story behind Myrtle and her friends, Cynthia. Yes, women can be bullies, too. I am glad you broke the rules, and wrote this story the way you did.

  2. It is wonderful that you are talking to children about these subjects. Well done to you and your daughter!

  3. It is so sad that bullying and taunting at school is ignored by teachers. I know it is even ignored by parents at home when an older sibling is a bully. Unless we address this menace in a constructive manner, we would continue to raise an apathetic and self-centred generation. I am glad your book focuses on this issue Cynthia. Kudos to you for that!

  4. Hi Cynthia,

    Really enjoyed your guest blog about ‘Myrtle the Purple Turtle’, who was bullied because different. Three cheers for her lovely friends Gertie, Snapper and Hurtle for teaching her – and all young readers of her story – that we’re all different from each other and equally to be valued. I’m delighted that, with daughter Lauren, you are preparing two sequels. Look forward to hearing more.

    My very best,


  5. As someone who writes for children myself, I really do agree with you. Not every story needs to have the main character resolve the problem, because sometimes they just can’t. But she went to her Mom, and that was something she could do. She listened to her friends, and thought about what they said. From many years of critiques, I am aware of the trend towards certain ways of writing, but I have also heard repeatedly that we should write what’s in our hearts, and that you’ve done, Cynthia, so good on you. 🙂

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