A Good Home, Spring garden

Scenes From Early Spring

After the way I carried on about the slow arrival of Spring, I’m thankful to be able to share these scenes from my garden:

Blog Photo - Spring 2018 Blue Pot and Chair

Blog Photo - Spring 2018 Solo trillium

Blog Photo - Spring 2018 Trillium duo

Blog Photo - Spring 2018 Robin Egg

I assume Mother Robin is sheltering little Robin birdies in this nest under our deck…

Blog Photo - Spring 2018 Robin on nest

Blog Photo - Spring 2018 pink and blue flowers

Pulmonaria (Lungwort) is a lovely sight in spring, with its blue and pink flowers.

The trees below are in my favourite heritage district (in Bowmanville, Ontario). In spring, blue scilla carpets many of the lawns, and some magnolia trees are as tall as the houses. My photography skills don’t do them justice:

Blog Photo - Spring 2018 Magnolia Bowmanville
Blog Photo - Spring 2018 Magnolia Pair

Happy Spring, everyone!


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Congrats, Annika!


33 thoughts on “Scenes From Early Spring”

  1. Wow! A robin’s egg! I haven’t seen one of those in forever. The photos are lovely – take a little credit. :-).
    What are those deep purple flowers in the top photo? I’d love to get some of those for my porch.

  2. And happy spring to you! Things are looking lovely in your neighborhood. We have made good progress in Maine. Cool but green. Welcome, spring!

  3. Happy Spring Cynthia. your flowers are looking great. And it looks like the robin’s has found a great nesting site.

  4. Wishing you and your family a Happy Spring, Cynthia! That is a beautiful assortment of photos. Mother robin looks busy!

    I have not seen any trilliums in my immediate area. I used to see a lot of them back in the eastern woodlands.

  5. Such enchanting pictures and It makes me miss my garden, my three apple trees and my two dozen wild pink rose bushes, because we moved. Thank you so much for sharing! K D 🙂

  6. It went from 30 degrees here to 90. I believe we skipped spring, but we sure had some beautiful tree blossoms. Your photos are gorgeous. I have a robin nesting under my overhang on the gutter downspout. Love that. 🙂

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