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I’d Never Seen My Garden…

… from certain viewpoints.  You could call it: The Paths Not Taken.

Blog Photo - Garden Beauty shot July 2018 -- view from yellow lilies in blue pots to white chairs across pool

It’s such a lovely place. But I didn’t venture far enough, and always saw the same things from the same points of view.

Blog Photo - Garden - Beautiful long shot to wall

Until today! Today,  I took a ‘daycation’. 

The day had started out badly — one of those painful mornings that make you want to curl up and feel very sorry for yourself. Pain can do that to you — temporarily blind you to everything else around you.

But why give in, I asked myself, when there’s so much to be thankful for? 

Blog Photo - Garden and open umbrella and plants

So I did some of the exercises they’d taught me at the rehabilitation hospital.

It helped, but wasn’t enough.  I needed to get out of the house! 

Off we went: cane, camera, Cynthia.  On a journey to find new lands right here at home in the garden.

First, I looked from the deck upstairs

Blog Photo - Garden Leaning tree and umbrella and blooms

Blog Photo - Garden looking down from deck

Then from the patio downstairs

Blog Photo - Garden wide shot with blue pot and trees

And gave thanks for what I saw.

I walked and looked — really looked

Blog Photo - Garden Hosta cu

At the garden from the back

Blog Photo - Garden woodland and hydrangea and japanese maple

And from the side.Blog Photo - Garden Japanese maple and cedars and chairs

I wanted to sit – I probably needed to sit 

Blog Photo - Garden umbrella and chairs from other side of pool

But I didn’t.

I looked at things while standing up

And while leaning over them.

Blog Photo - Garden Orange Lily

Blog Photo - Garden Bird bath

This tree trunk, below, and I were probably both leaning alike

But the steps beckoned.

Blog Photo - Garden Hosta and Chairs seen from path

Blog Photo - Garden Hydrangea and hint of woodland path

Steadying myself, I headed the other way

And beheld this stunning view

Blog Photo - Garden Other side at back

I lingered, dazzled

Only slightly aware of the gentle rain

And walked and looked — really looked

Blog Photo - Garden beauty shot July 2018 -- back garden with trees and beds and walls

And saw

Blog Photo - Garden single Fern

Blog Photo - Garden beauty shot July 2018 - corner of back garden shows bee balm and trees

Blog Photo - Garden Walls two levels

Then slowly, carefully, climbed the terrace steps

(This is stated for my family members, who worry…)

Blog Photo - Garden Ferns over wall 2

And, at the top, looked across

Blog Photo - Garden Ferns Closer

Then below

Blog Photo - Garden Hosta and Jacks

Blog Photo - Garden Hostas and lawn from other side

And realized I was smiling.

Grinning, actually.


Blog Photo - Garden Longshot with open umbrellas

I once attended a talk my husband gave on perspective and creativity.  He used photography to illustrate his argument that we see new things (or see the same things in new ways) when we change our point of view.

I’m blessed and I know that. But some days I stay put when I should get up and change my perspective.  


Blog Photo - Garden Blue Pots and view to terrace wall

When I was at Toronto Rehab, my therapists taught the art of distraction — a way to lift oneself above pain, reduced mobility and the resulting depression. 

Yesterday, I both distracted myself and changed my viewpoint. And a day which could have been miserable turned out better.

Hope your summer goes well.



83 thoughts on “I’d Never Seen My Garden…”

  1. Can’t wait to try your advice about changing the perspective when I’m feeling down 🙂 I love the way the ferns look – all the plants look healthy and happy!

    1. Glad you will try it. We “inherited” most of the ferns when we moved here and I’m glad we did. They are under planted with ivy or hosta on the top terrace so in late summer when the ferns start looking tired, the other plants are still nice and green.

  2. Wonderful suggestions, but I’m left with two thoughts. As you showed your beautiful garden, I was wondering how many hours it takes a day to maintain it. And, then I really fantasized about taking a dip in your pool. Gorgeous landscape, and hope you’re still feeling better after your trip around. 🙂

    1. Have a good look at it again. You’ll notice that everything is perennial and that most are planted pretty close to each other, to discourage weeds. My husband cuts the lawn and I move the hose to water the veggies and transplants. So we’re talking hours per week, not day. My neighbour, however gives me great credit because the front garden recently needed weeding and I did so — while lying down! He called me “devoted” and I smiled. Hah!

      1. I have a gardener friend who is an amazing photographer. He has macro shots that just leave you shaking your head. I asked him what kind of camera he used, and he said that wasn’t the trick. He’s a landscaper and he gets down on the ground to weed and grabs shots while he’s down there. 🙂

  3. That is a beautiful, peaceful garden, Cynthia! So much to see, from different angles. I am happy you did that so we could enjoy it too. Have many of those daycations this summer! Greetings from Sweden.

  4. Cynthia, my brother in law is currently having cardioversion(hope the word is right).far away and we are worried anyway, your garden is just lovely and reminded me of many plants I did not know grow in Canada. Thank you for some long distance change of view or perspective. Very calming and a balm for me this afternoon.

    1. Oh, my dear — I hope all goes well. Far away makes the worry worse but it’s good to find a more positive perspective. My mother used to say: Give the worry to God. And I’d reply: I keep giving it but he won’t take it. And she’d reply: Keep giving it till you believe it. She was right, as always.

  5. Very glad you were able to truly enjoy a new perspective on your absolutely lovely garden! A new perspective can be such a welcoming change and brings it’s own peace and contentment doesn’t it? I need to do this more often.

  6. What a beautiful garden Cynthia. I’m glad you were able to get out and shift your perspective and attitude. Gardens are a wonderful aid in that, at least for me. Thanks for sharing your lovely views. Hugs…

    1. Some days courage seems to fly away before I can clutch at its wing. This time, I forced myself to keep moving. You’re going to be in pain, anyway. — may as well have something to show for it.

  7. That is the most stunning garden I have seen outside of a public garden. I understand about perspective. Sometimes just moving to a different chair changes how I look at things. 🙂 I have no idea what happened that you needed rehab to fix your body but I hope you are up and about soon.

  8. Cynthia, this is a wonderful way to spend a daycation (this should definitely be a mainstream word!)! Your garden looks stunning, so beautiful but how true that we often need a new perspective to appreciate the everyday. I am sorry to read you have been poorly … hope you are soon fully well. Thank you for sharing your retreat … you’ll find me resting on one of those inviting chairs! Hugs xx

  9. Very well done. Such a wonderful garden needs to be photographed and there is no better motivator to continue the struggle for recuperation than the desire to get out with a camera. It has certainly helped me

  10. What a beautiful haven you have for a daycation. So glad you found a new perspective in the garden which didn’t involve lying down in it to weed!.

  11. Lovely post, Cynthia. Wrapping you in healing love. Different perspectives and getting out in nature can be transforming in such a gentle way. Xx

  12. The 3 “C’s” – Cynthia, camera, and cane – and what beautiful photographic results. Thanks for taking so many and sharing. This is the perfect day for you to have provided much-needed inspiration in MY day. Thank you. 🙂

  13. Cynthia, such a beautiful garden, just been out there will be soothing and healing to soul and spirit. If you don’t mind i may use that quote that “we see new things (or see the same things in new ways) when we change our point of view” in a presentation i have to do. It is so true.

  14. Cynthia, what a beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing it with us. I escape to my garden often during the week. I call it garden therapy. In recovery mode as well from a prolonged bout of illness. Saying a prayer for your quick recovery.

  15. Such a positive post and gentle reminder to never take things for granted. Nature has a way of soothing the soul even for a tiny moment when needed. I know these pictures gave me a few minutes of relaxation at my desk. Hope you are doing well and have more better days than not.

    1. Yes, indeed, Andrea. It’s the weirdest thing: the very times when we need to get up and change our perspective are also the times we feel trapped by pain, depression, etc.

  16. Your gardens are so beautiful, Cynthia! I would daycation there any time! Gardens are a gift to the soul, a place to listen to the wind, and what is in one’s heart and mind. May you find yourself more often among such places where you can heal and find peace. The thought of you grinning and smiling amid the flowers and lush greenery has made me happy.

    1. I love your reply, Lavinia. And as always, your writing is a delight: “Gardens are a gift to the soul, a place to listen to the wind, and what is in one’s heart and mind.” Thank you.

  17. That’s a great approach to pain. Delighted it worked. There’s nothing better than that feeling when things start out a bit bleak and suddenly you finds a new way to view them them and everything perks up.

    Hope it stuck and the following days were good ones. 🙂




  18. Distraction really helps, I know, but you have to really work hard for it to work well! I am so pleased you persisted and you were able to grin. You do have a beautiful garden – so lush and green. My garden is dry and yellow.

      1. I can understand. Your pain and exhaustion can be so overwhelming that nothing can get through. My thoughts and prayes are with you, as ever.
        We did get some rain, but not nearly enough. We hope and pray that we get some more soon. Xx

  19. You’re such a strong woman, Cynthia, and I’ve always felt and admired it in you. In spite of everything you’ve gone through there’s such a positive aura. You can be justly proud of what you’ve achieved. It’s a beautiful, soulful place that gives you much no doubt. When I’m down I always find comfort in my garden and in nature…I often pity those who’ve lost touch with nature. Going out with my camera is a happy therapy for me too 🙂 Keep your chin up, best xx

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