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What’s Wayne Up to Now?

Glad you asked!

We’ve been following him and Carol as they expanded their small house and garden into what our family now calls “The Shaw Estate”. 

Blog Photo - Carol garden at front with plants and house front

And I promised you that I’d revisit them when the Coach House interior is complete. (He plans to do this in cooler weather.)

Blog Photo - Carol Garden coach house beautiful exterior

But our family has known Wayne and Carol for many years and I should have known that Wayne is always up to something. 

Blog Photo - Wayne at work on a new building

“I came up with the idea about 3 months ago,” he says.

A neighbour bought the property next door, and made changes that affected Wayne and Carol’s use of the back of their property.  Wayne decided they needed a water-feature there.

Blog Photo - Wayne's fountain and first pond at night

“I started looking around for the ideal rock fountain and finally found it in nearby Campbellford. I took Carol up to see it, and we decided on it that day. While there, I made an appointment with the gentleman (Jim Spencer) who builds and installs all their water features. We came up with a final layout (in our heads).”  

 Q: Did you make a sketch, Wayne?

A:  “I did not. It was a vision/plan in my head, and when we met, he and I understood each other within minutes. No plans were drawn!”

Blog Photo - Wayne's Fountain Rock Arrives 2

 Jim, whose property is fully landscaped, has been doing this work for 40 years. He and colleague Wayne (yes, another Wayne) arrived weeks later with backhoe and fountain boulder.

“As you can see, the 6,000 pound fountain boulder was a little too much for the small backhoe to manage! They had to bring in a heavy duty boom truck.” 

Blog Photo - Wayne and Heavy Duty Boom Truck

Blog Photo - Wayne's Fountain Men Placing Fountain Boulder

This wasn’t just a fountain, however. They built a patio, a stream and three ponds and planted a cedar hedge as a backdrop.

Blog Photo - Wayne's fountain and stream and two ponds

Q: How did Carol react when she saw the finished product, Wayne?

 A:  “She was elated, as are all of those who have come around to see what we are up to out back!”

Blog Photo - Wayne's Fountain with stream and ponds and garden bed

Blog Photo - wayne's Foutain closer of pond and cedars and rocks

Jim allowed Wayne to operate the backhoe one day, but mostly, Wayne designed and supervised the project.

Blog Photo - Wayne's fountain and Patio at night

Blog Photo - Wayne's Foutain finished Product with patio and steps

Q: So are you and Carol lounging about, having drinks and admiring the new water feature?

A: “No. But we do go out at least once a day and admire the work the boys did!”

That’s because Carol is busy working in the garden and Wayne is now building an office inside the main house.

Blog Photo - Wayne's Fountain shows back of house and coach house and rocks

Meanwhile, Jim Spencer, pleased with the collaboration, asked Wayne to assist with a future project, and he agreed.

Blog Photo - Wayne's Fountian front view of garden and coachhouse with water feature in BG

And double-meanwhile:

“As soon as I’ve finished the office, I hope it will be cool enough to go back and complete the interior of the COACH HOUSE!!!” 

Yes, and we’ll have pictures!


Photos by Wayne Shaw.

35 thoughts on “What’s Wayne Up to Now?”

  1. I can empathise with the water feature as a response to changes a neighbour makes. Your friends’ garden is much larger, of course. The rockery in the front garden looks lovely.

  2. Ah, neighbors, they do change how we’d like to use our property. I’ve moved plants and added trees but would never even think about a project that big even if my husband was willing to help me. Applause to them and I hope they enjoy it for many years to come – beautiful end result.

  3. Wow – that’s amazing. And lit up at night like that – just gorgeous. Is this kind of work – all of it – what Wayne used to do for a living before retirement? He would really be in high demand if he chose to do so.

  4. Hmmmm, we have talked about a water-feature/fountain for years. This is a bit more than we shall attempt some day (keep coming up with other ways to spend the money for the pump, linter, etc.). I think I finish some bookshelves this winter… Need a place for displaced books from other rooms we have recently remodeled! – Oscar

  5. Wow!! That is most definitely not just a water feature – it looks magical at night all lit up. Great work and can’t believe nothing is sketched down. Don’t suppose the guys would like a a quick job here in the UK?! 😀

  6. Very impressive! If that makes them happy, so, they are in for a big gain. Great landscape.
    I personally like wild gardens, but adore the interestingly and neatly arranged spaces. Lots of work, such a challenge.
    I don’t know anymore how that is to have your own place. I would most likely also do a great landscaping job and design a wonderful outdoor space. I’m a very good gardener, I hope the next spring I can use my skills again, but who knows.
    Your guys do not mind hard work, results are definitely there.

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