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The Friend Ship

Two things in this post: 

Thing #1:

Blogger Sally Cronin is a great friend to independent authors around the world, helping us launch and promote our books through her site. Now, Sally has just launched her own book, Tales from the Irish Garden.  If you read her first magical garden “Tales”, you know you’re in for a treat. 

Congrats to Sally and illustrator Donata Zawadska!



I call it “The Friend Ship”.

What would we do without friends?

On life’s journey, we both welcome and release friends. How to do it with grace is the challenge many of us face.

People change. As we travel toward new horizons and as we ourselves grow, we may lose some of our friends.  And whether we are the ones saying goodbye, or we’re the ones being left, it can be a wrenching loss.

Carol Hand shares a wise and reassuring perspective on the changing nature of friends and friendship through this short poem, below. Thank you, Carol.




20 thoughts on “The Friend Ship”

  1. The Friend Ship is wonderfully apt, as it sails on to new harbours and new adventures with a few new passengers aboard. The loss of old and cherished ones is like shipwreck: time for tears, then repairs, and then time to head back out to sea. I was mightily surprised to see my book and photo included above! Thanks for including! Your net is large, my friend.

  2. Congratulations to Sally on her new book, illustrated by Donata Zawadzka!

    Carol’s post and poem about the welcoming and releasing of friends is a beautiful piece of writing. The tides of life can cast some interesting people upon our shores, only to take them back out to sea later on.

  3. It can be tough to make friends at older age. across the ocean. I can agree with the idea that WordPress is a great place for Friend Ships. It is hard to imagine being with out blog friends, they always cheer up, share their news and ideas and help through tough times, as well as encourage in moments when we most need that.
    I am happy to see how you are moving ahead with your books and writing.

  4. Congratulations to Sally on the launch of her book! See, I noticed your use of ‘launch’! Carol’s poem is such a comfort – well done Carol. Thank you for being the lighthouse, Cynthia and shining a light on these beauties.

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