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A New Year – 2019

We measure a year in months and milestones

Birthdays and other anniversaries

The goals achieved, honours received

And various victories.

Blog Photo - Birthday celebration

These things we dream of, yearn for, live towards

The dates forecast in calendars

And marked off by celebrations

Of our lives.


I wish you all that and more.

Blog Photo - Garden - Butterfly on Mint

But when I wish you a happy new year

I know there will also be struggles

And challenges, and dirty dishes

Because this is life.

Blog Photo - New Year's Poem Maple Leaves

And so I wish you:



For when things turn out crazy

Blog Photo - flowers with alium closer


On days of loss or disappointment

Blog Photo - New Year's Poem CR Thinking


In times of uncomfortable change

Blog Photo - New Year's Poem Hydrangea in Rain


In the small things, not just the big ones

Blog Photo - Doggies in window



For the gifts you’ve had and will receive


Blog Photo - Reyes-Grange family with Kinu

Blog Photo - Jerome sitting

Photo by Hamlin Grange


For tomorrow and the morrow after

Forest Tunnel


To do the things you most enjoy

Blog Photo - N and T prep for holidays

Blog Photo - Hockey Game

Blog Photo - New Year's Poem Skiis on Snow with Trees

Blog Photo - New Year's Poem Cyclist

Blog Photo - D and LBlog Photo - Playing guitar 1


In the fact of your humanity.

Book launch cynthia and rev claire

Blog Photo - New Year's Poem Sunset


From my family to you: our best wishes for the year ahead.

God bless.

106 thoughts on “A New Year – 2019”

  1. Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy New Year, Cynthia!

    You are right, we cannot order life à la carte. We get whatever the chef serves us, for better or worse. It is the whole experience we must embrace.

  2. What a beautiful post Cynthia! You have such a gift for words. I hope you know how much you touch my heart and others. This post is the perfect start to my new year, like a personal guidepost, full of beauty, wisdom, and love. Since I don’t have those big joys or accomplishments, I will try to grow my faith on small acts of kindness, my blog, my photos, and the love and support of this WP community. Thank you and many blessings for the new year. ❤

  3. Wishing you and your family a year that brings you all you need and much that you hope for. Thank you for all you share with us – thoughts, images, hopes, encouragement and kindness.

  4. Such a wonderful composition, Cynthia. It gives me strength for whatever may lie ahead. In any year there are burdens and blessings, and hardly ever in equal measure. Sending love and hugs.

    1. What a lovely wish, dear Elizabeth. Thank you. I wish you health and strength and I hope to see the continued results of your creativity on your blog and Facebook. How’s the painting going, you talented artist you?

      1. Other than a very messed up version of the Goblin King I did for a friend as a Christmas gift, I’ve done nothing. I feel as if I’m on stand by mode. Can’t imagine what I’m waiting for though. lol. Thank you, Cynthia. ❤

      2. I hear you. I have long such periods myself. Something will trigger your painting again, and before you know it, you’ll be wielding a paintbrush on canvas!

    1. Ah, Kerry. You know how to make a person’s day, my friend. Thank you for sharing with us your creative work, and the thoughts you put into the world. You are an interesting, accomplished woman and I love your blog.

  5. What a thoughtful and simply beautiful post, Cynthia. Wishing you all the very best for the new year and always. Very happy to have met you here in cyberspace. xx

  6. Each of these is something to both be grateful for in the past and present, and to hope for in the future. Thank you for your wonderfully kind thoughts; I wish them for you and your family as well. The best of everything to you …. Jeanne

  7. What beautiful pictures of you, your family, your friends, and your surrounds (Wow, gothic windows and pets looking out!). Best wishes to you and those you love, Cynthia! I’m in Houston volunteering with AllHands again. Home renovation fun! Will be looking forward to your posts this year. Spring coming up before we know it!

    1. It’s lovely to hear from you, Beth. I’m so glad for your update! This sounds like such an interesting project and rewarding too. Have fun! Looking forward to a post when you come home.

  8. Hi Cynthia, So pleased to ‘meet’ you. Thank you for the beautiful photographs and ‘revelations’ about yourself and family – for your words and photos reveal so much that is good! Glad you liked my post. I’m an ancient, eclectic writer with a passion for words. Peace, love, family and friends are all. Have a healthy, happy 2019. Best wishes.Joy

    1. And a passion for storytelling, I hasten to add. Thank you for visiting. I think it’s the first time I’ve shown pictures of my whole family here, because I usually respect their privacy, but I asked and they were fine, so it felt right.

  9. Wonderful post to send your wishes for the new year , Cynthia . The photos well worked become artwork and are a good illustration of your wishes .
    Thank you and happy to year to you and yours that we see on the pictures .
    By the way I have just posted an entry inspired by one of the yours about the earthenware .
    Love ❤

  10. Cynthia, hoping you’re having a magical start to the New Year. It’s lovely to see a glimpse of your celebrations and beautiful photos and thoughts for the year ahead. Warmest wishes to you and your family for 2019 and best of luck with your latest book! An exciting venture for you and your daughter. hugs xx

  11. This is such a wonderful post, Cynthia. Thank you so much! I hope this year has started well and will continue peacefully and healthily. I wish you and Lauren all the best with ‘Myrtle’s Game’. I received it in the post a few days ago; such an encouraging book!

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