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From A Baby Shower to The Gift of Mobility – 3 Great News Stories

There’s a lot of good in our world.

Blog Photo - Baby Shower

Announced today:  a royal baby shower like no other, organized by the “Sussex Squad” of women from around the world.

Anyone can donate to the designated charities: Camfed, WellChild and Mayhew.

Gifts of time or money may also be donated to local charities around the world as part of this initiative. In fact, donations already started early today.

Blog Photo - Credit WellChild Awards

From a virtual baby shower to a badly-needed wheelchair for a young woman — and providing shelter after a cyclone – these events have uplifted me.

2) Remember Kamala-Jean Gopie, the Canadian woman who, after a chance meeting in a Cape Town market with a young man named Happy, ended up collaborating with him to build a school in Malosa, Malawi?

Blog Photo - Kamala-Jean CU

Blog Photo - Kamala-Jean Women smile in schoolyard

That school has found a new temporary use in a crisis, providing shelter to many families after the recent cyclone that killed hundreds and left many others homeless.

Blog Photo - Kamala-Jean -- New Building complete

Kamala-Jean was on CBC Radio this morning.


3) And the good work of CanUgan, a Canadian charity that provides assistive devices to people with disabilities in Uganda. My son-in-law Tim and his uncle Jack have a connection to this charity, which — among other deeds — recently provided a wheelchair to young Katusime Florence who badly needed it. 

Blog Photo - Florence

Tim was privileged to visit Uganda and see her experience “the gift of mobility”.

Next week, I will share the story of the excellent and moving results this initiative has achieved. 

Cheers to all the good deeds in the world!



28 thoughts on “From A Baby Shower to The Gift of Mobility – 3 Great News Stories”

  1. Thank you for sharing the good news. We always want to hear about the many wonderful good deeds happening in the world that the mainstream media rarely has the time, space or inclination to share. These are heartwarming.

  2. It’s so good to read about these wonderful things after all the garbage we are being fed here in the US. There is good in the world and you are serving it up for us so nicely. Thank you.

    1. Oh, Marlene. What a great reply. Hoping you and your daughter are both well. I’ve been on another planet but I have to say that learning of these good deeds and the replies coming in cheered me up too! Blessings, dear Marlene.

  3. Restores my faith in the goodness of people! Good to see/hear more about Kamala – Jean’s school too

  4. Thank you for sharing all these good news stories. There is a lot of kindness in the world but news of it gets smothered by all the cruelty and stupidity.

  5. Ah love those stories. My school used to do a trip every year to something we called ‘the Malosa School’ in Malawi. The first one was in my last year and my parents wouldn’t let me go, which is a pity as it was such a success that I suspect they’d have let me go on the second one. I believe the school still has links with the Malosa School and does trips. Some of my friends, who did get to go at the beginning, helped build it. I’ve no idea if it’s the same school you are talking about but the photos look familiar! Wouldn’t it be a coincidence if it was!



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