A Good Home

Mama’s Garden in Spring

We’re no longer at the farmhouse, but at this time of year, I remember….

Cynthia Reyes

My husband named this garden for my mother. It’s my favorite garden and I promised to tend it.

But my injuries made gardening a huge challenge and Mama’s Garden became a little jungle.

For the last few years, it’s looked a bit wild, especially from the outside.

Mama's Garden Side shot with dogwood, ferns etc

Mama's Garden side shot

But it’s always a treasure-trove on the inside.

Mama's Garden Ferns and Jack in the pulpit

My Good Man weeded the pathway for me this Spring – thank you, thank you, Kind Sir!!

Suddenly, you could see the path and even the plants stood out more.

That purple flower on the left below is woodland phlox. Farther below, in the next picture, is Solomon’s seal, blooming its small white bells.

Mama's Garden Pathway May 2015

Mama's Garden Solomon's seal

Mama's Garden Purple Iris CU

Yes, even Irises bloom here. 

Mama's Garden Yellow Iris CU

Ferns, hydrangea, Jack-in-the-pulpit, May apple,dogwood, ligularia, wild phlox, woodland phlox, astilbe, hosta — and many more plants grow together here.  Including two clematis vines.

Mama's Garden Double Clem CU

Mama's Garden Path and Arbor side

 The double clematis flourishes on the entrance arbor. It will cover that…

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33 thoughts on “Mama’s Garden in Spring”

      1. It is a beautiful garden, Cynthia. I am sure your mother knows.

        My gardens look a bit “wild” now as well. It will take time here to catch up with Mother Nature. She works quickly, and on her own schedule.

  1. Beautiful garden and a beautiful human being for a husband. What a winning combination. Hope the memories of your mother are equally beautiful.

      1. No, but people keep asking… would need TV. I am reading the Golden Legend, with when I recent some of the juicier sections to people, the start telling me about Game of Thrones. Must be the medieval connection.

      2. Interesting! If someone asks: “What do you say to the god of death?” Just answer: “Not today!” and you will seem very knowledgeable. Then nod at everything else they say.

  2. It’s still beautiful.

    I understand, too. The past 10 years (give or take a year) I have not been able to give my yard the attention that I used to give. I had a little nook at the back corner with a little seating area. The wild honeysuckle and a little poison ivy has taken it over now.


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