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The One & Only Jerome

If you’ve ever lived with a pet, or loved a pet, you already know that each one is a unique character, much like humans.

And if you have been owned by a cat, or been a servant/companion to one, you have a bag of stories to share.

Blog photo - Jerome CU

Pets usually become beloved family members. You may recall meeting some of ours here.

Our daughter Nikisha and son-in-law Tim have lived with two cats for nearly 18 years.  Jerome, aka Jerry, and Simon.

Blog Photo - Jerome sitting

Jerome and Simon have been a beloved part of all our lives — though in recent years, mainly through pictures and phone calls with us, since they now live in the US.

Blog Photo - Jerome and Nikisha

We still have a recorded phone message of Jerome meowing a strong “hello”.

Blog Photo - Jerome and Tim2

Jerome was, as Tim says, “a big orange cat with a sunny disposition” who met the neighbours and made friends before they did. “He had a knack for knowing when Nikisha and I were feeling down, and would comfort us.”

Blog Photo - Jerome on injured knee

“When I broke my leg, he would come and sit with me, sometimes on the broken leg, and purr away.”

Jerome was adventurous, outgoing and loved long walks.  Days after Tim and Nikisha moved house, he disappeared for several days.  We all launched a search, some of us doing so online.  My mother-in-law even put Jerome’s name on a prayer list.

It turned out that Jerry was trying to find his way home — to their former place. He was found and returned to the new home, tired and hungry.

Blog Photo - Jerome back safe and sound

Nikisha describes him this way: “An enthusiastic yet curmudgeonly host, he was always in the thick of every social event, though refused to give up his chair to guests as a matter of principle.”

Blog Photo - Jerome on Sofa 1

So you can understand that we have all watched with sadness as the cats have aged, and Jerome struck with diabetes and other ailments. 

We mourned along with Tim and Nikisha when Jerome died last week. Simon, his brother for almost all his life, was upstairs at the time, and began wailing at that moment.

Blog Photo - Simon 2

Nikisha says “It’s amazing how he knew almost immediately that Jerry was gone.”

If you’ve loved a pet, I know you’ll understand. If you haven’t, you may be surprised to learn how profound the loss is. After all, it’s saying goodbye to a beloved member of the family.

Rest peacefully, dear Jerry. Thanks for being in our lives.


61 thoughts on “The One & Only Jerome”

  1. We accompanied several of our furry family to their last moments. Oh, it is never easy. My condolences to all. Rest comfortably, Jerry.

  2. Beautifully written, bringing tears for your family’s loss, Cynthia, and memories of my cuddly cat, Socks, and my sweet dog, Boo Boo. I still struggle with the idea of getting a new pet because it was so difficult to lose them.

  3. I’m so sorry, Cynthia, I know only too well the pain of losing a pet. Jerome brought so much fun and joy into all of your lives and he clearly had his share of adventures. His was a feline life well-lived I think.

  4. I admit I didn’t read this–hate crying and could see where the post was leading. But I’m sorry you lost the dear boy, and glad you had him.

  5. It is always hard. My cat, that I found living off food from a dumpster, lived to be nearly 21. It was my piano tuner that helped me through the lost and convinced me to get another cat. It is good to have a cat in charge again.

  6. I immediately knew where this was going, and I read your piece with tears in my eyes. Yes, we love our fur buddies dearly, and how we mourn when they die. My own beloved Liam died a little year ago, and I miss him still. Sorry for the loss. And it is a loss. A big one.

  7. I am saddened by your family’s loss of Jerome, and especially feel for his brother little Simon. But I know Simon will take comfort from all the love and attention from all of you. The memories of a life shared with this wonderful feline will be with you for a lifetime. He will be with you, always.

    1. Thank you, Lavinia. I hope your feline companions are all well. I know you understand this. Nikisha says Simon has gone into hiding in the bathroom and rarely comes out since Jerome died. We feel so sad for him, poor guy.

  8. I missed this on Facebook — Marie-Lynn gave me a heads-up. I’m so sorry to read of Jerome’s passing. I had the pleasure of meeting him and Simon when they were just young’uns and they were, in the manner of almost all cats, perfect. My deepest condolences to all of you.

  9. Oh, I am so sorry for their loss – yours too. I remember when you wrote about his being lost. Your post is a fine tribute to Jerome! I know what it is like to lose a feline friend. Hugs!

  10. Aw, you made me cry. I am such an animal lover I am making food for my greyhounds right now.
    So sorry to hear about Jerry, he sounds like a character I would have loved. Our pets are such comforts, the perception of animals and their feelings of loss amaze.I hope Simon and you all feel better soon.

  11. It always leaves a hole in our hearts when our pets die. They are such wonderful companions. Very sad.

  12. Oh I am so sorry. What a lovely recollection of Jerry’s life, and what a sweet cat he was. I would definitely classify myself as a cat person (an animal person, really), and can relate 100%. Poor Simon 😦

  13. This is such a lovely tribute to Jerome… Love that name! Sadly we have had to say goodbye to a few cats. The loss can be very deeply rooted.

  14. Oh yes, they’re such faithful friends, Cynthia, such a lovely homage to Jerome. They’re such an important part of our lives and I always pity people who don’t understand or don’t have pets as they make our lives so rich. Good to know that he was loved so dearly and had a good life.

  15. We are anticipating an ending soon than later with our older dog, Bella. She sleeps much of the day, wets her bed occasionally, either does not hear us or ignores us, and at times gets lost in the yard. We will have many good memories when that day comes. – Oscar

  16. Oh dear. What a beautiful chap. And poor Simon. I’m so sorry. Losing pets is really hard and has that added frisson that people might think our sadness is a bit out of proportion. Despite loving Harrison dearly, I still really miss Chewie sometimes.




  17. I am truly so sorry for your loss, and Nikisha and Tim, and maybe most of all, Simon, who was his best buddy all day long for years. One can never underestimate the loss of an animal we’ve loved. The purity of their beings, their acceptance and forgiveness of all the nonsense we humans come up with never fails to amaze me. We are so fortunate to be blessed by the love of an animal, as I know you all were/are by Jerry’s. Jeanne

  18. Cynthia, a heartfelt post … in the midst of sadness and loss you paint a vivid and beautiful image of Jerry. He was so full of life, giving so much joy and care to all around him. As I read about Simon mourning the loss of his brother I got goosebumps. So sorry for you all. Xx

  19. So sorry I missed your loving tribute to Jerome. My condolences to everyone. In the first week of October, my sister’s beloved feline companion of 18 years, Jethro, passed away. There’s a big hole in her heart and her life, and we all feel his absence. My love to Simon and his Humans.

  20. I totally empathize with the profound sense of loss. I’m still mourning the passing of our dog Henry, and that was five years ago. May we always feel their spirits around us for I believe their energy of love surrounds us always. ❤

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