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Double Book Launch Day!

Hello, Friends!

I’m not blogging as often as I should, but I have good reasons!

We’re in the busy period of launching not just one, but two books: Twigs in My Hair and the third in the Myrtle the Purple Turtle series, Myrtle Makes a New Friend.


Myrtle Makes a New Friend - Cover Front 3 Sept 2019

This evening, the Toronto launch is being hosted by A Different Booklist, the iconic bookstore and cultural centre that carries exciting books from around the world.  Owners Itah Sadu and Miguel  San Vicente and their team have sold our books for years, and I am always glad to visit with them and their customers.

Blog Photo - Myrtle and Friends at A Different Booklist

All of this is happening as younger daughter Lauren Reyes-Grange, co-author of the Myrtle books, and her husband Dan, are expecting their first child this month.

So we’re all hoping Baby holds off a bit longer so it won’t be a triple launch tonight! 

Twigs photographer Hamlin Grange, Lauren and I started out a few weeks ago in the most special way: our church, St. Thomas’ Anglican, held a double blessing for the books and us.

Blog Photo - Book blessing and launch

Our priest Canon Claire (above left),  and Corinne Sargent, head of the Women’s Reflection Group and the team of volunteers, and dozens of enthusiastic parishioners made it a wonderful breakfast event in the parish hall.

Blog Photo - Book blessing and launch 2019 - Lydia & Francois and Rosie

Blog Photo - Book Blessing and Launch 2019 - Myrtle poster


Blog Photo - Book Blessing - Muriel and Cynthia and Joanne

Every detail was a celebration of the books and their key messages.

Blog Photo - Book Blessing and Launch 2019 - Rudbeckia

Even the hymn “All Things Bright and Beautiful”, was slightly altered to include a purple turtle!

Blog Photo - Book Blessing and Launch 2019 - Hymn

As always, Canon Claire’s prayer made us feel blessed and supported.

Tonight, at A Different Booklist, we will celebrate with a whole other set of friends and acquaintances (some of whom we haven’t seen in way too long), and meet new people who love books. 

Blog Photo - Twigs & Myrtle - Toronto Launch

Hamlin, whose beautiful pictures grace the pages of Twigs in My Hair, will play a slide show he has created for this purpose. Lauren and I will read short excerpts from the books and perhaps make a few remarks.

Writing is a lonely activity. But I am lucky to have a truly caring and professional team: Lauren and Hamlin as key creative partners, fabulous illustrators (Jo Robinson on the Myrtle books, and Les Lawrence who did the humorous sketches for Twigs), excellent beta readers, proficient editors, proofreaders, and our book designer Clif.

So it’s a double celebration this evening. And we hope the biggest celebration of all — a brand new baby in our family — holds off just a little.

Blog Photo - Book Blessing and Launch 2019 - Hamlin & Cynthia and Lauren

I’ll keep you updated. Meanwhile, please wish us well!


Photos of the St. Thomas’ Church event were taken by Joanne Schuetzl.

Thank you, Joanne!

52 thoughts on “Double Book Launch Day!”

  1. Wish there were a “Love” button for this. Congrats, congrats, congrats! Two books published. And a darling baby soon to come into this world. A banner year for you and your family. Thanks for giving Clif a shout-out. He so enjoyed being part of “Twigs in My Hair.”

    1. We so enjoyed figuring it out together with Clif! What a patient and smart person to work with: a true pro. (Though he still struggles with flower names – as does Hamlin!)

  2. Congratulations Cynthia! I see Hamlin has joined your dynamic duo for the launch. It’s great to have your family so involved in these book projects. Wishing you much success and happiness.

  3. What a wonderful post! Many congratulations and good wishes to you all for the launch and also for the birth – though hopefully not just yet! I am now humming ‘the purple-headed turtle…’ Even if this one is green… 🐢 ❤️️

  4. This is absolutely fabulous. Congratulations on the new launch! Will catch up again soon… Exciting times, Cynthia! You deserve it! 🙂

  5. Grandbabies and books and beautiful words and flowers–oh my:). A bounty of riches and well deserved, Cynthia! I am reveling in your happiness, truly. And don’t worry about neglecting us a bit–you have good reasons to be writing less here! I’ve been neglectful without your good reasons . . .

  6. So lovely to see details of the Blessing of your books at church. What love and care went into the event. Glad that the Double Book Launch at the A Different Booklist went well. All the best to Lauren and Dan for the arrival of their little one. I wonder how many other babies have attended as many book events before they were even born!

    1. Thank you for the good wishes for them and the little one. The Blessing of the books is always a big deal in our family and our priest and church community support us powerfully. We never want to launch a book without that Blessing. We are so grateful to them.

  7. Congratulations Cynthia! How wonderful to also be in anticipation of your grandchild. What a wonderful church event. Extra special to get an additional blessing from them!

  8. You certainly do have a wonderful support group as well you should. Congratulations on the book launches and I know you are so excited about your grandchild on its way. Lot of love to all of you!

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