Book launch


Sorry, friends! I’ve been a bad girl — not posting or visiting much.ย 

Books and family are keeping me busier than a one-armed paper-hanger! (And you may recall only one of my arms works really well, so an apt descriptor there …)

Blog Photo - Book Launch Myrtle and Twigs - LRG and CR

The double-launch went very well indeed — a full house, great readings, excellent questions from the audience, all at Toronto’s iconic bookstore, A Different Booklist.

The following photos were taken by the ADB team. It’s great when a prominent bookstore team is so obviously thrilled to host a launch!

Blog Photo - Book Launch at ADB2

Blog Photo - Book Launch at ADB 3

Blog Photo - Book Launch at ADS - Books

Blog Photo - Book Launch at ADB with ML

Then there’s the Festival of the Arts, happening this weekend in lakeside Cobourg, Ontario. My family and I are privileged to both support and take part in this wonderful event. And yes, our books and I will be there!


All this while we await first grandbaby ‘with bated breath’, and also support family and friends, some going through tough times right now.

Thanks for being there, and for your many messages of support. Be kind to yourself and others, please. I’ll be in touch again when I come up for air!




30 thoughts on “SURFACING, IF BRIEFLY!”

    1. I did, and I have not yet figured out how to divert incoming blog posts to it. Probably way too simple for the likes of me! Haha – Just as well, as I’m going a bit crazy.

      1. We have yet to see. We have provided a choice of nesting boxes and two robin feeders. He is already using the feeders although he prefers the live prey that Jackie digs up.

  1. Some wonderful things are happening in your life; book launch and the babe on the way. Don’t feel bad about not being around on the blogs. We, your readers will wait. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats once again, and enjoy every bit of your book tour and time with family!

  2. You look wonderful! And glad you’re happily anticipating the blessing of a grandbaby. They are little angels . . . not that I’d know yet. But I’m sure I’ll eventually get into a heap of trouble along with my grandbabies:).

  3. Congratulations on your book launches! You and your daughter look so happy and close … and now a little granddaughter to make a trio of girls across three generations! Blessings to you all! Xx

  4. Hi Cynthia – Congrats on your launches and I’m so happy to hear all went/is going well. I’ve been quite behind myself, so we’ll keep on trucking and all meet up sooner or later! XO!

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