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Three Bloomin’ Good Deals on Flowers

British author Hilary Custance Green followed my advice and posted pictures of her success with amaryllis today. She inspired me to reblog this post.

Cynthia Reyes

It’s been snowing all bloomin’ day.

Everything’s covered with the fluffy white stuff, and it shows no sign of letting up.

If you’re a Southern Ontario gardner, this is not your favourite season — unless you’ve got one of those indoor greenhouse thingamijiggies and have already planted flower seeds.

I don’t have one of those things, so I opt for the least expensive flowers that can be bought at a store and will last a long time.

Blog Photo - Begonia late summer 2017My pot of Cyclamen, bought last winter, bloomed and bloomed indoors till May, then continued to bloom outdoors through the summer. At $5.99 at the nearby plant nursery, it was a gift!

As you may recall, the only thing I claim any expertise in is getting Amaryllis bulbs to rebloom.

Blog Photo - Amaryllis and Snow wider shotAfter their indoor bloom ends (soon, if not already), I water them regularly (adding fertilizer) and let the leaves grow. In spring, I…

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3 thoughts on “Three Bloomin’ Good Deals on Flowers”

  1. I am so impressed with the cyclamen, one of my favorite flowers. Have never had any luck with them after their first bloom. Maybe bringing them outside in the summer is the thing. Anyway, beautiful!

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