A Good Home

The Gardening Gloves

I head out to the garden

To stroll

To smell the spring-fresh soil

To see the tiny flowers

Walk on the spring-green grass

And hear the songs of birds

I do not need my gloves


Blog Photo - Crocus in Spring

I do not plan to weed today

Just stroll

Gloves would mean I plan to weed

To plunge hands into soil

Move leaves away from flowers

Or pick up wayward pine cones

I do not bring my gloves


I open the kitchen door

Having strolled

Wipe my shoes on the mat

Turn on the faucet 

Wash dirt from my fingers

Brown water runs into the sink

I did not take my gloves


Blog Photo - Garden gloves2

Husband strolls into the room

Stands still

“I bought you gloves,” he says

“Next you’ll complain about

Cracked skin on your hands”

“I did not plan to weed”

I say, embarrassed

“I would have taken my gloves.”


Cynthia Reyes is the author of Twigs in my Hair – A Gardening Memoir. On sale now online through booksellers including Amazon and A Different Booklist 

25 thoughts on “The Gardening Gloves”

  1. Hahaha- I can just imagine the scene. Gardening, weeds, rites of spring, loving couple and gloves that have no connection to a pandemic. Happy writing for these times. Thank you.

  2. Gloves just get in the way! I only wear them if I know I am going to get stung or prickled and even then, I find I have taken them off without realising and left them somewhere. And of course, Hamlin is right. I have such sore, dry hands from all the hand-washing and from our clay soil which leaches moisture from my skin.
    I hope you, Hamlin and your family are keeping well. xx

    1. That’s it exactly, Clare! We’re doing well so far and giving thanks for having a garden to potter around in and being able to take a walk and enjoy the spring air and sounds.

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