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The Peonies are Bloomin’!

The peonies are blooming in different shades and varieties. A bit late here in the sticks, but it’s been a splendi-florous week. 

Blog Photo - Garden June 2020 - RustPink Peony

Blog Photo - Garden June 2020 - White Peony 2

Blog Photo - Garden June 2020 - Deep Pink Peony opening

Blog Photo - Garden June 2020 - Garden Deep Pink Peony

Blog Photo - Garden June 2020 - White Peony with Bee legs showing in centre

Yes, those are the legs of an insect in the centre — it didn’t move so maybe it’s asleep, as this was early morning.

Happy Juneteenth and I wish you a lovely weekend,


41 thoughts on “The Peonies are Bloomin’!”

  1. I love your post. It is very welcoming and yet promotes understanding. can you please help promote my garden blog? I would love to also have some tips on how to increase web traffic and interest from outsiders who are new and experienced in gardening. Could you also help me with that please?

    1. Glad to hear! Sitting on my deck watching the house wrens in their nest below. Tiny birds with a great sound, the parents find food, clean the nest and tend their babies together. So lovely.

  2. Thanks for sharing Cynthia. I love peonies and their varieties. A friend has a whole front yard of peony varieties that he displays and sells. The variety of colors and aromas are amazing! 🌸

    1. Sounds great, Brad. Today is Juneteenth but I wanted to give me friends a break from the heavy topics I have been addressing, so – peonies! Will visit your blog soon.

  3. What a beautiful selection of peonies, Cynthia! I put in a number of them a few years ago. One really liked its location, and provides many large, pink blooms. The other varieties, which also seemed more susceptible to late frosts, went back in pots until I can find a better location. Do you have any advice on caring for these plants?

      1. Thanks, Cynthia! Our soil tends to be heavy clay, too. I don’t know if that makes any difference to the peonies. I’ve been slowly bringing in bagged raised bed soil to to to help break that up in some of the garden beds.

  4. As a bride in 1967 I carried a single poeny, the white one with tiny flecs of pink. How very 1960s flower child! One failed attempt to grow them tho. Friend Cynthia will admire Hamlin’s photos instead.

  5. Oh these are just beautiful Cynthia 🙂 Love these flowers, I have one plant in my garden and it flowered the first two years.. Since then its produces leaves but no flowers.. What am I doing wrong?

      1. Hi Cynthia, yes it is.. 🙂 a Rhododendron is next to it which has grown,.. Do you know what the best time of year to move it would be? to a sunnier position. 🙂

      2. Normally, after blooming. Which makes it around now. Move it in the early evening to avoid the punishing sun. Better, just before a rainfall, or just after rain – most plants survive transplant better if their roots are wet. Dig widely around the plant – try to not damage the roots. Plant at the same level it was – not lower or higher. And finally, a little transplant solution in the pail the first time you water, and water more than you usually would for the next 2 or 3 weeks. Hope this helps.

      3. Oooh Thank you so very much, this is very helpful Cynthia, and I will be doing that.. The Punishing Sun would be nice right now, here in the UK lol.. But we have had two days of rain, so when it stops that is just what I will be doing.. THANK YOU again… I really appreciate your advice.. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  6. Your peonies are lovely, Cynthia. One day I will have somewhere to plant a peony. Trouble is I will have to dig a new bed for it, and all the other plants I really want and that involves such a lot of work! haha!

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