A Good Home

Things, Interrupted

The things you couldn’t find

Long after

And wondered

If they ever were

A favourite sweater

Made by Irish hands

From the Aran Islands

Cut glass earrings

Sparkling bits like emerald

Set in fake gold


The things you had bought

Just before

And wisely never wore

Long black leather gloves

With leather laces

A cross between a biker chick’s

And a long-ago lady’s


The things you forgot

And bought again

And sometimes yet again


Hand lotion

Spools of cotton thread

White, grey, brown

White, grey, black

Colours of suffering

A wardrobe for pain


The things you came across

Long after

And greeted like old friends

Scarves with geometric patterns

Stylish back then

Bikinis, tops and shorts

For vacations planned

Not taken

And perfume

Not worn


The things I now sort

These will stay

These ones will go

Prodigal bits of memory

Of times and things

In boxes and drawers

Detritus of

An interrupted life.

The above is a pourem I wrote one night a year ago. A pourem is an un-poem, an unedited stream of thought.

40 thoughts on “Things, Interrupted”

  1. I really enjoyed this pourem.
    It made me think of the things I have in my closet. Things unworn or work long ago. I note too the ‘wardrobe for pain‘

    1. I’m very glad you enjoyed it, Annette! I must say, I too enjoy these pieces that just pour out of my mind and heart. I don’t how how this happens, and I have to force myself to keep writing and not edit. I coined the term pourem to say it may look like a poem, but it’s really a pouring.

    1. So kind of you to say. I can’t call it a poem as I didn’t set out to write one, and don’t really know how. This was a pouring out, a stream of thoughts, and I decided to leave it be.

  2. I absolutely identify with your very sweet pourem, Cynthia. A book of postal stamps gone but I’m still hopeful that they’re magically reappear, a long lost beloved blouse found in a dark corner of the closet is of no use anymore.

  3. We sold our house and we are moving to a house about half the size. We have been going through everything with the aim to make a decision -does it stay or does it go? Along with this process memories come flooding back or sometimes we wonder where the item came from. So for me your pourem is very timely!

  4. Oh boy, add in the many things big and small picked up on our travels and you will know how appropriate this is for me. Sigh! Do I really have to start the sorting now? Maybe tomorrow.

  5. This is a beautiful un-poem, Cynthia. Though I’d argue that it’s a poem indeed. It’s so evocative and touching. I’ve been cleaning out lately, part of getting older, and everything is so full of memories. You captured that sense of poignancy beautifully.

  6. Lovely, unfiltered thoughts. We happen to be visiting the Mrs.’ mother this weekend. Where I sit, I am only two feet from a bookshelf with a copy of “An Honest House”. Must be a good bookshelf to browse (like I don’t have a stack of books I’m part way through at the moment!) -Oscar

  7. I can relate. We accumulate a lot of things over the years, and going through them … gets you to thinking.And remembering. And sorting. And then maybe some tossing and re-homing, too.

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