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Searching for the Christmas Spirit

Trying hard to find “the Christmas spirit”, but I still haven’t found it.  It usually lands in my heart just before Advent — but not this year.  Must have something to do with missing loved ones and not going to church at all, due to the pandemic whose name I shall not call, except to say: “That damned pandemic!”

Yes – a person can both swear fervently and love going to church too. 

So, to lift my spirits, I went searching for blog posts of last year and the year before – when I did have that Christmas spirit.  Sharing this one with you now:


Here, for your viewing pleasure (I hope), are some images from our home in the week before Christmas. We started decorating a few weeks ago.

Blog Photo - Christmas -Advent Calendar

The thing above is our unusual Advent calendar.

Before Advent officially began (December 3 this year), we wrote notes/quotes and put them in the tiny drawers. Important reminders of love, slowing down and appreciating our blessings.

Next, we brought out an oldish but favourite Christmas book.

Blog Photo - Christmas book exterior

Inside are pop-up scenes marking the 12 days of Christmas, which traditionally don’t begin till December 25.

Blog Photo - Christmas Book third day

Blog Photo - Christmas Book Three French Hens

Blog Photo - Christmas Book inside

Then the tree got properly decorated…

Blog Photo - Christmas ornaments Peace Angel

Blog Photo - Christmas Ornaments Golden Dove

Blog Photo - Christmas Tree 2017

Except for the lower branches.  We ran out of lights, planned to replace them before adding more decorations, but forgot.  

Blog Photo - Christmas Living rm 3

Then I assembled this centrepiece — using birch-bark candles by the talented artist Jean Long, pine cones, baubles, whatnots….

Blog Photo - Christmas plate and candles

And Santa’s sleigh, of course.

Blog Photo - Christmas Santa sleigh

Husband had already filled this very old basket with logs for the fire….

Blog Photo - Christmas Fireplace Logs in Basket

Blog Photo - Christmas 2016 - Logs Burning

Finally, the table was set with Christmas plates ….

Blog Photo - Christmas plate setting

Blog Photo - Christmas table2

And then I apparently ruined the “tablescape”.

Husband asked: “What on earth is that?”

“Those are real autumn leaves and real fake berries,” I replied. 
Blog Photo - Christmas Plate with leaves

“Hmm,” he said.

I didn’t tell him I planned to replace the leaves with green sprigs. A woman must retain some mystery, after all.

Wishing you a good week before Christmas and – whatever your special celebrations or preparations — I wish you all the spirited best of the season. You may interpret “spirits” however you prefer.

33 thoughts on “Searching for the Christmas Spirit”

  1. I love your Christmas photos and reminder to find the best in the season! We stopped putting up decorations long ago, as there are too many idle feline paws in the house with their own ideas about interior decorating.

    I liked the autumn leaves and real fake berries. They are perfect! 🙂

  2. I too have found the Christmas spirit hard to find this year. Certainly your pics have helped. I really like the Christmas tree angel topper and your Christmas platter plates are very special. I really like ceramics.

    Happy Christmas Cynthia and a happy new year to you and the fsmily

  3. Of all the beautiful photos of your Christmas time decorating, the set table jumped out at me the most. I’ve never had a plaid tablecloth! Yours is striking (along with the plates, glasses, etc.) I hope you have it out this year. 🌲 Hang in there.. good things are shaping up.

  4. Wonderful post, Cynthia. I’m sorry you are battling to find your Christmas spirit this year. Mine has been lacking too, but my Christmas projects for home and charity have helped me get into the spirit.

  5. It seems like another world, doesn’t it? We’re doing the same decorating but under what can sometimes feel like house arrest. I’m trying to focus on hygge And the Blessed quiet. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday, Cynthia!

  6. It is hard to find the spirit this year, especially with all our family members on the other side of the country. We decorated the room we spend the most time in, watch lots of Christmas shows and are thankful for the technology that keeps us connected. Next Christmas will be a real celebration!

  7. I hope the traditions in your family Christmas bring home that sense of what this time of year means to so many. The notes and quotes in the advent calendar – amazing idea.
    This year I focus on patience and peace.

  8. I remember this post. I have found my Christmas spirit. It is in the liquor cabinet and quite a variety to choose from including some sorrel!
    Seriously, love, we are all desperately seeking Christmas we just have to look a little harder this year but Peace, Joy, Love and Hope are still around and I know you have them in that beautiful heart of yours. Cheers!

  9. To a better 2021. Every time I think that 2020 can’t get any worse, it delights in proving me wrong. Love the Myrtle books–you had a new one come out so something good did happen this year.

  10. Love the Advent Calendar, Cynthia. I’ve written myself about the subdued Christmassy feeling this year. I’m not surprised you feel it, too, but seeing your Christmas decorations puts me more in the spirit 🎄😊

  11. Beautiful Christmas decorations. I absolutely loved the center table piece and the dining table set up for Christmas. The advent calendar is interesting. Coincidentally we watched a movie only yesterday that was centered around such a calendar.
    Hope you find the Christmas spirit within you. Seeing these photographs adds the festive cheer.

  12. Your post of Christmas past adds a lovely touch of Christmas spirit to 2020. And I often think what the first “Christmas” was like when Jesus was born. It wasn’t a great time in general; hope, love, and faith were probably hanging in there by a thread. Love and blessings to you at Christmas.

  13. Your photos of past Christmas traditions are lovely. My husband is working very hard to infuse some Christmas spirit into our home; it’s actually helping. I hope you and your family have a happy and safe Christmas, Cynthia.

  14. The spirit is harder to come by this year, but it’s still there I think. Beautiful photos! I hope you have a beautiful Christmas.

  15. I’m so sorry Cynthia. It is hard.

    It’s probably bad of me to say this but, strangely, this is the first Christmas in my married life when I have actually found the Christmas Spirit. After 25 years of wishing the impossible, it’s going to happen thanks to covid. Christmas at home, just us. It will be bloody marvellous. We are in tier two, so though limited, church is open and there will be a service to go to on Christmas day. If the officiating clergy approves it, I may get to sing the hymn.

    We have a turkey and sticky toffee pudding, and I made turkey liver pate and it’s really tasty (even if I am the only person likely to eat it).

    This will never happen again so it’s like a secret gift; a ray of light and hope in the darkness … the rainbow towards the end of the flood … Yes! This year, MTM you shall go to the ball.

    I dislike travelling for Christmas, either the bed is comfortable but the lavatory is in a different post code, or the bathroom is more or less en-suite but there’s the very real chance of a visit from a wandering dementia sufferer in the still watches of the night. I wouldn’t change it, we love the people we go to see dearly and they can’t come to us so it’s the way it has to be. It will be back to the same old, same old next year but for this once, this year we get out of gaol free.

    Hang in there everyone. Things will return to normal everyone, it will be OK. So here’s to next year for everyone else and here’s to this year for anyone in the same boat as I!



  16. I was unable to read this blog until today, but
    I feel fairly certain that you found joy in your Christmas day with your family, especially your sweet grand baby.
    I adore the peace angel. So joyful.
    All the best to you always.

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