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Christmas Words and Actions

I find myself hesitating, trying to find the right words. Is the greeting “Merry Christmas” still appropriate, during such a grim year?

My inspiration comes from my granddaughter, as I watch her picking herself up from falling, and setting forth once more with hope and determination towards a target.

Photo by Hamlin Grange

She falters, wobbles, but never loses hope. She’s going to make it across the room.  Way across the room to a favourite toy, to the ornaments and lights on the Christmas tree, to the loving outstretched arms of her parents or grandparents — or to the sleeping dog (who may or may not spy her just in time to make his escape before she grasps his ear or tail).

She is a bundle of hope, faith and perseverance. And every time she gets up or steadies herself, she’s filled with joy.

Our world may not be a very merry place this year.  But this Christmas season – this tough Christmas season — I wish you hope, faith, perseverance and joy.

May the words become actions and may the actions create reality for each of us.

Photo by Hamlin Grange

53 thoughts on “Christmas Words and Actions”

  1. Thank you, dear Cynthia! I have to keep reminding myself that hope, faith, perseverance and joy springs from within, and it is the only way to navigate life, especially now. Those little ones are the bright beacons that know the way. 🙂 ❤

  2. We are not the situation we find ourselves in and happiness comes from within, so we shouldn’t let any particular situation spoil our happiness.
    You’re so lucky to have that little granddaughter! I wish I had a house full of them.
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Lovely post, Cynthia. Your little one will grow up with so much love around her. I’ve been thinking about hope springing eternal and making a few irreverent 2020 Santa rocks to hopefully make people laugh…..including “2020 – Merry Christmas Anyway….”.

  4. Dear Cynthia, I hope you’ve got through this crazy year unharmed. I’m not a bit in xmas mood, maybe when I start decorating the tree. Wishing you and your loved ones peace and love for Christmas and always, Annette

  5. The journey of a lifetime begins with each wobbly step. So does hope and joy. Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year cause 2021 has got to be better than 2020. My New Year’s resolution is to find a reason to smile each day.

  6. There is something about making the most of every moment, regardless of the situation, that children naturally get, Cynthia, but we have to learn over and over. Christmas and New Year’s always help to bring this message home. May this Christmas bring peace and joy to you and your family. –Curt

  7. The best medicine any day of the week is definitely a beloved grandchild learning her way around. The smiles she brings to her face and yours are priceless. I remember those days with such fond memories. Enjoy every moment because it goes by so quickly.

  8. I had a problem with ‘merry’ I am now having a problem with “Happy” as in New Year.
    I want it/us desperately to be Happy as we transit this liminal space ” between what was and what will be” no doubt we will have events in our life that will make us feel ‘happy’.

    We all need to take a long look inward and face not just the flaws in others but also in ourselves. There is no ‘us and them’ only ‘us’ some of us conscious, some just waking up and some totally unconscious.

    We all hold a piece of the puzzle, those of us that are aware will have to dive deep to make up for the inability of those of us that can’t.
    “we are swimming in clues”

    1. I hear you and appreciate what you’ve written here. Thank you.
      It’s tough. And you’re right: while it’s easiest to point at the problems we perceive as being outside us, we don’t get off that easy – there is work for us all to do. A blogger I respect and follow raised the question of healing vs punishment re: the US insurrection and I found myself grappling with my own negative reactions to this idea, especially as it concerned #45. Are some people so evil that they’re beyond healing? Beyond forgiveness?
      And who am I to even entertain that idea, when I claim to strongly believe in forgiveness? And if I give in to that easy answer — that some people are beyond being healed and forgiven — what will I do when it’s my time to be forgiven – or the people I love? Where does that leave us all?
      You’ve hit the nail on the head: we all have work to do. About our lifestyles and the environment, the way we think about each other, and the way we see our own roles in these formidable situations. Maybe we should come up with a better wish than “Happy”. Glad you visited.

  9. That’s a good wish you wrote at the end of your post!
    Talking and doing nothing has always been an issue, and more so during pandemic.
    I felt also strange writing Merry and Happy this year, but I still did. It’s meant to be something different for each person.
    These global times generalize everything and that’s the first step to things going in the wrong direction. One size fits all never works in real time.
    I take you wouldn’t mind me wishing you healthy, safe and happy New Year!

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