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A Gardener’s Question to God

When you said we should love all your creatures

And I try – you know that I do

When you told us that we should love them

Did you mean mosquitoes too?


Yes, I know that some humans are awful

And I know we’ve not done very well

And it’s true that I felt some relief, God

When the Vatican redefined hell



Cause I have to confess that when bitten

My thoughts would make even you blush

And I really can wait for your answer

There is truly no need for a rush

Blog Photo - Garden bugs 2

You know how it hurts me to kill them

How I wince and regret such bad things

But please tell me why you made some creatures

Why on earth did you give them their wings?


Take that Japanese beetle for instance

In fact, I implore you, please do

Cause that Japanese beetle’s created

Leafy holes big enough to see through

Blog Photo - Garden bugs1

God, those beetles will be my undoing

As they munch on our healthy green leaves

Did you see what they did to our garden

Do you not think them terrible thieves?

Blog Photo -Garden bugs Greens

And another thing, God, that I wonder

For those earwigs are such awful pests

Who have set up their homes in our veggies

Did you mean them or just all the rest?


So dear God, I must ask you this question

Cause I know you like people with spunk

When you made such troublesome creatures

Were you maybe a little bit drunk?

Blog Photo - Veggie Garden Lettuce

There are people in my blogging network

Who’ll be horrified that I’m so bold

But I really do need to be honest

Cause I like being part of your fold


So again I must ask you this question

And I know you will tell me the truth

Do you not think that some of your creatures

Are a tiny bit mean and uncouth?

Blog Photo -Garden bugs Clematis 1

Blog Photo -Garden bugs Eggplant leaves

I am sorry to bug you with nonsense

And I know that I should never fuss

For some people are dealing with big things

And they never complain, swear or cuss

Blog Photo -Garden bugs Half-eaten Clematis

But dear God could you give me an answer

One day when you’ve got some free time

As to what I should think of these insects

‘Stead of writing ridiculous rhyme


When you said we should love all your creatures

And I try – you know how I do

When you said that we really should love them

Did you mean all the awful ones too?


Somewhat Inspired by Theologian C.H. Spurgeon, and by the current gypsy moth infestation of trees.

© CSReyes

45 thoughts on “A Gardener’s Question to God”

  1. I read a children’s story years ago called Taktuk An Arctic Boy who was complaining about mosquitoes. An elder told him that they helped drive the reindeer down to the ocean which helped the indigenous people who would kill them for food and hides.

  2. I love your poem and have often wonder about the purpose of bugs, especially living in a subtropical climate where they are active all year. On the other hand, they do feed the birds and lizards I enjoy.

  3. Fun! Some creatures are hard to love. Right now, Maine is dealing with an infestation of brown tail moth caterpillars, whose tiny hairs infect some people the way poison ivy does.

    1. Some of those pix were from previous years – last year, Japanese beetles and earwigs were bad. I await their arrival soon. Meanwhile, the mosquitoes and slugs have done their bit. It’s great to hear from you, Sandra.

  4. Good one, Cynthia. I am sure God is working on his reply right now. It will probably come in the form of a swarm of summer flies. 😀 God works in mysterious ways.

    1. Some of the photos are from previous years, so most damage now is from local wildlife and slugs, while the mosquitoes have done what they do. Ah, well. Great to hear from you, dear Clare.

  5. I think some time after the fall of Adam and Eve, when childbirth would be painful and growing food would by toiling, God frowned and said, “This isn’t so good” but then he created Hamlin to tend to your garden and rid it of destructive species. I think I read that around Genesis 3 or something like that… – Oscar (sorry, I have not been around much recently, lots do to to keep up with God’s creation in our yard)

  6. I enjoyed your poem, Cynthia, and can relate to the photos of chewed plants. Out here, the damage is mainly from those that crawl, or glide along the ground. The western slugs are huge! At the moment it is temperature that assaults the gardens. Today’s forecast is for 113 degrees, and I am feeling sorry for all those garden pests. 🙂

  7. My goodness, Cynthia, your garden is really taking a beating there! We are having our own tribulations with Brood X cicadas, and now they they’ve finally died down a bit, we’re expecting spotted lantern-flies to destroy our trees. I know that the web of life is beautiful and sacred, but I, like you, can’t help but wonder – do we really need mosquitoes, earwigs, and some of these other plaguing insects?

  8. I’m loving this! Earwigs, slugs, snails the whole chuffing lot. It’s been very rainy here in Britain for months and walking in my garden at night is like crunching across gravel there are that many molluscs. My flowers and vegetables have been decimated accordingly.

    Loved it.

    1. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all that! Actually, some of my photos were from previous years. The J. beetles haven’t done their worst yet, but the slugs and mosquitoes are at it. As are rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks. But I live in the woods, so what do I expect?

      1. Tell me about it. We have a squirrel who eats a lot of things but worse thanks to his efforts and instead of weeds we have baby ash and hazelnut trees!

  9. I was smiling all the way. There are always two sides to a coin so I do think they have a purpose but like you, darned if I can find it! A fun read.

  10. If he answers, would you also ask about chipmunks and squirrels. I know, I know so many people feed and photograph them, but here they just devour my fruit crops by pulling them off, taking a small bite, and leaving them spread on the ground. I’ve tried every gardening trick I know plus even tried keeping my sense of humor – nothing works. 🙂

  11. I love this poem so much… it’s one of the best and cutest I’ve ever read!! I was just thinking these exact same thoughts yesterday, both about mosquitoes and the holes in my mint leaves… wondering why God created such creatures, then I stumbled upon this today. I would say it was a coincidence, except I’m pretty sure there are no such thing as coincidences. 😉

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