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Meet Rosie Riviera-Lopez

The most challenging thing about painting is knowing when to stop,” says Rosie Riviera-Lopez, an artist and educator who recently moved to a small town in Northumberland County, east of Toronto.

I did this interview for the Northumberland Festival of the Arts. (Link below)

11 thoughts on “Meet Rosie Riviera-Lopez”

  1. I enjoyed the article, Cynthia. Water colors are one of my favorites. On the subject of when do you finish a painting, I always remember the artist (maybe it was Matisse) who carried his paint brush with him when he visited friends who had his paintings, even years later, and would modify the paintings! 🙂 –Curt

  2. I like very much the Rosie’s paintings.
    I stayed during a week in Whitby near Toronto in December 2001. There a ancient Canadian soldier was living with his wife and that I knew in 1944 in Fance .
    Thanks for your report, Cynthia.
    Love ❤

  3. Cynthia, I enjoyed reading the interview with Rosie Riviera-Lopez. Thank you for the introduction to Rosie, her life and work. My heart goes out to her for her losses. Life seems to throw multiple things at one sometimes.

  4. Interesting to find out what others think!
    Well, for me the most difficult part is to choose what to paint and what medium to use. I frequently cannot decide on subject or lose interest in painting which is half-done since I’ve moved on and the next subject feels more like doing.
    Painting is also work, and sometimes I’d rush when I get bored with finishing touches. I do get bored by medium and subject, that’s why I never repeat any single painting in art classes. Fresh and new is great!

  5. What an interesting insight you’ve shared with us, Inese! I bet many authors will find similarities in their own experience, though they create books and you create paintings. I enjoy your works of art, so whatever you are doing, it works!

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