A Good Home

Life’s Like That

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Life’s like that.

Luckily, most of those things have been good. Even the amaryllis bulbs I forgot in the cold room are now blooming, 6 months after their intended bloom date at Christmas.

But let’s just get the bad thing out of the way then move on, shall we? Renewing my insurance policy, I learned that my rate would be almost double again (translation: several thousand dollars more a year starting shortly), because of the injuries from the car accident well over a decade ago.

The great irony is that the other insurance company has yet to compensate me for those injuries, pain and a huge loss of income caused by the accident.

But here’s the good news, the kind I add to the list of blessings to thank God for:

First, we are enjoying a period where my immediate family members are fairly healthy. With four generations, that’s not to be taken for granted.

Speaking of 4 generations, my mother-in-law came to spend a couple days with us – a rare treat since the Covid pandemic started. At my request, she showed me how she makes Jamaican Ackee and Codfish. It tasted way better than my version – of course!

My husband – who likely got his talent from her – is the chef in the family. So there he was, complaining (though secretly pleased) that we were crowding him in his kitchen, because everyone decided to help to make supper. Even The GrandToddler, on the floor with her dad, made a dish with eggplant slices and “sprinkles” – her word for seasoning.

Co-author Lauren and I took part in an authors festival and met such lovely children, parents, educators and librarians. Conversations were interesting and fun too.

Our friends invited us along to the annual Port Hope Garden Tour, which was a pleasure. We saw only a few of the gardens because of my limpy right leg, but what a thrill it was to see other people’s gardens!

Early June is also a great time in my own garden. As you may notice, we have only perennials because I’m too lazy to plant annuals or dig many weeds. Planting them close together also blocks out weeds – either that, or they’re hidden from my view!


And as I write, a rose-breasted grosbeak is trying to get in through my closed window – s/he is pecking at it, mouth open, as if trying to speak. (They see their reflection and think it’s another bird invading their territory, the experts say.)

I like these birds. They make such a beautiful sound. Unfortunately, it flew away when I grabbed my camera.

Wherever you are, I wish you good health and peace.


25 thoughts on “Life’s Like That”

  1. I am sorry to hear about the insurance. Rising rates, especially due to events that are not your fault, are not helpful.

    I am glad to see such a lovely, happy family together and enjoying life! Cynthia, there is nothing wrong with amaryllis out of season or a garden full of perennials. You should see the weeds here right now! 🙂 A friend has offered to come by and help weed. I will take her up on it.

  2. Glad you are having a fine time with family, friends, and flowers. One of the best insurance policies is family. 🙂 So pleased your family is doing well.

  3. I love the kitchen photo, Cynthia. It’s been so good to be reunited with family this year. We only have perennials in the garden too;-)

  4. So much beauty in family and gardens. Those are the main things. Good luck looking around – I had a similar situation a while back when house insurance almost doubled, and found what I was looking for. ‘She who seeks shall find.’

  5. How wonderful to see a post from you and hear about your good news Cynthia! I’m glad your family is in good health, enjoying quality time together, and opportunities to visit other gardens. I love touring gardens. We used to have a local garden tour that I attended yearly. Hugs…

  6. Hello Cynthia, it’s good to hear that the good things outweigh the bad. You have a lovely family of which you are rightly proud. And I love your garden – ours has gone rather wild this year and I’m battling nettles which have to be pulled up by hand as they push up through the flowering plants and bushes. Best wishes!

  7. Sorry for your many woes with insurance companies (although saying ‘sorry’ seems inadequate). How lovely, though, that you still focus on the many blessings in your life. Sharing that most certainly helps to remind others to do the same. And I had to laugh about annuals – I guess I’m kind of lazy there, too, as I only want to fill my garden with perennials as they are less work!

      1. I’m listening to the wind .. it looks bleak and I know we have rain on the way. Ah the joys of winter! Thank you so much Cynthia for your kind words on Graces’s post …

  8. Hi Cynthia, I like how many good things have been happening in your life. The insurance issue is a bugger, for sure, but you and those you love are happy and well, and you have beauty all around you. Life SHOULD be like that. 🙂 Take good care!!

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