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Dept of Alternative Facts: Replace

A wise and practical way of looking at one of the fears some White Americans have turned into a conspiracy. Instead of seeing ourselves as being replaced, Oscar argues, we should make sure we are helping to build and pass on the things that help a society to thrive.


replace: (v) to change one object with another similar object

One the the conspiracy theories floating around in recent years is Replacement Theory. The logic, this time around, is that people of color, specifically legal and illegal immigrants to the USA, are part of a plan to replace people of European ancestry. The implication here is not just that the racial/ethnic composition of the USA is changing, but that some organization is orchestrating this.

I would agree that the racial/ethnic composition of the USA has been constantly changing over the past 500 years as various waves of people from different part so Europe and other parts of the world came over, sometimes at our government’s encouragement, sometimes due to people fleeing political, social, and economic situations in their home countries.

Over the past few years, the owners of our local paper have been transferring the leadership of the paper to…

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24 thoughts on “Dept of Alternative Facts: Replace”

  1. Wonderful share. Too bad the people that need to read and understand it are the very people who will fail to do so. We filter things through our own context. When the Alt Right came to Charlottesville in 2019, the tiki -torch bearing men marched past a Jewish synogogue proclaiming, “Jews will not replace us.” An African-American professor at UVA heard the same chant as”You will not replace us.”

  2. Important share, Cynthia, but the whole reality that people think this way just makes me heartsick. And I’m beyond heartsick that many/most/all of the people who feel this way proclaim themselves ardent Christians. I can but weep.

  3. The whole replacement thing just baffles me, Cynthia. It doesn’t even make any sense. I find it creepy and incredibly sad that some people are fearful enough to think this way. A great article and I appreciate that you shared it.

  4. Thank you for sharing this post. Like some of the other commenters, I find the whole conspiracy theory and the fact that people believe it distressing. We all just need to recognize that we’re working on a world we may not ultimately see, but people before us did the same.

  5. I was going to type the comment above but I see this is alreay made ! This is a theory who was exposed by a politic party in the latest vote ( to elect president ) in France. Fortunately most of French people don’ t share this sad idea .
    Love ❤

  6. The world is changing. That’s what happens. Even the European countries which are the ancestral homes of many of us are changing. There is no need for a conspiracy theory – what it’s really about is facing one’s fears – of what it means to learn about and share our lives with other people who may not look like us.
    I tend to think – and hope – that the younger generations are more flexible in this regard, and more likely to see us as all one and not little warring segments of society.

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