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Miss Marnie Reads Myrtle

What a delight to stumble across a reading of Myrtle the Purple Turtle by Teacher Marnie in Idaho.   She does a great job of the reading!  (I’ve just discovered that some people can access the link and some can’t – not sure why. You may need to click it twice.)

We know there are other teachers who have read this book (and the others in the series) to their classes but this is the first one we’ve actually seen on video! 

Wishing you all a lovely week.


A Good Home

There are some things a poet cannot accept

A beautiful tribute to, lament for, and upholding of the light that Sue Vincent shone across the world.

Tallis Steelyard

There are times when a poet must make a stand and say, “This has happened without my cognisance and I will not accept it!” Today has not been the best of days. Today I got a note from a patron. Common enough, especially from her, as she was always quick to praise, swift to encourage. But today the note had a bitter flavour. She was sitting awaiting death. A week? Longer?

And what can a poet do? A poet can protest, a poet can stand tall and say firmly that this will not do. A poet can bang the table with his wine glass obvious of the fact it has shattered and the pieces lie glistening but incoherent, shards of dreams never now to be dreamt.

Others have known Sue for longer than I, others will doubtless feel the grief more keenly, will mourn longer, but my job as a…

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A Good Home

Sharing a Smile

Inside the house, I rarely use a cane, as there’s furniture and walls to hold on to if my right leg acts up.

But I always use a cane on the outside deck as the furniture  and railings are farther away.

So guess who has decided — all 16 months of herself — to copy her grandmother?

Made me laugh.  Hope it does you too!

Happy Mothering Sunday to my British relatives and friends and to anyone who has mothered or grandmothered a child.  And yes, I include all those women who have helped to raised other people’s children. Many young parents are blessed with your help, as my husband and I were when our own kids were young.




A Good Home

Three Things

THING 1:  A play will be staged this spring in Toronto and surprise, surprise: there’s a character based on me and my true-life involvement in the hiring of Toronto’s first female firefighter. I’ve been told from someone who saw a reading that the actor playing the role is very strong.

To which I said: I hope the character is as “full of piss and vinegar” as I was back then!

(It’s true: I wasn’t always the sweet, gentle person you know now – ahem.)

THING 2:  Longtime followers of my blog may recall a piece I wrote about how we ended up living in places where there are no other people of colour for miles. A radio host interviewed me recently — about my books, my passion for kicking doors open for others to walk through — and what it feels like to always be the minority.

You will hear that interview here

THING 3:  Otherwise, I’ve been helping to take care of the most important person in this household, a 15 month-old who runs the place and has us twisted around her little finger. She is a delight, and seems to like my sock drawer – she never seems to tire of throwing out my socks, then, at her leisure, putting them back in. At times, she stops, sticks up a foot and insists that I put my socks on her feet, which makes me laugh.

Postscript:  It’s snowing here again, but we cannot complain as the winter hasn’t been terrible this year – so far. The last 2 words are important because this is Canada, my home and much-loved land.  The flower above is to cheer you and me both.

Take care of yourself, wherever you are.