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Moments of Joy

Moments of joy. A gift beyond measure:

Blog Photo - Flowers from Daughter

Flowers from my older daughter and son-in-law, who live far away and send the nicest bouquets of flowers when we least expect it. Thank you, dear Daughter and Son-in-law.

Blog Photo - Lake Trees Sky

Scenes of water and trees during the warm months.

Blog Photo - CR and Kinu

Pictures of our gentle giant Kinu. Despite his enormous size, he was a sweet dog who had no idea why some strangers were reluctant to come close.

Blog Photo - Kitchen Dog Sleeps

Mr. D., the sweet little dog my younger daughter rescued.

Blog Photo - Dawson runs

Easter weekend made 4 years since she brought him home. (Thanks for your kind heart, dear Daughter.)

Scenes from summer, like the day lilies that will bloom profusely this July.

Blog Photo - flowers - Day lily double orange

Time spent on the farmhouse verandah.

Blog Photo - Verandah chairs

And moments like this one below: I was signing books at St. George’s Anglican Church in Toronto and a little girl, Tatyana, marched over and asked me to take a photo with her and her mother.  I was honoured.

Blog Photo - Tattyana, her Mom and cynthia at St. George's Church

One of the tools they taught me at the rehabilitation hospital: focus on a happy scene. When pain gets so bad that you feel like howling, visualize something that brings you joy.

Thank you, Toronto Rehab. 


Thanks to Hamlin Grange for the lovely photos.