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The Planet of Baby

It’s a whole new planet.

Blog Photo - Baby swing2

Baby Land.

A land where Grandbaby rules supreme.

Blog Photo - Baby bassinet and car seat in dining room

A land of baby bassinets, bibs and bouncers —

Yes, bouncers. As I write, I’m using my left foot to gently rock the grandbaby in a ‘bouncer’. 

My foot and I practiced beforehand. You need to be gentle.

Blog Photo - Baby bouncer and my left foot2

Now, you may remember that I’m an un-domestic goddess – ghastly at all the fine arts of homemaking and mistress of the messy home office. But one thing gave me pride: the rest of my house was usually tidy.

Blog Photo - Baby story tidy living room

Well, not anymore! 

Every room of our house – including this once-gleaming glass-topped coffee table — is punctuated with baby things!

Blog Photo - Baby mat and mobile on coffee table

Bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, bathroom, everywhere…

Blog Photo - Baby bath in bathroom

Stuff the parents bought (like the activity mat 2 photos above), but mostly stuff they were given by kind family and friends (like this baby bathtub above and the high chair, below).

Blog Photo - Baby high chair in kitchen

Stuff she won’t use for another few months.

And stuff I didn’t even know existed.

Goodbye, tidy house! Hello, sweet baby!  

Blog photo - Baby read a story by mother

Our family couldn’t be happier.

A Good Home

Stereotyping Streams


We talk about rushing rivers

Torrential downpours

Majestic waterfalls


Big weighty words, shouting

Their heft and might

Announcing powerful actions

Blog Photo - Creek longshot
Credit: L Reyes-Grange

And then there’s the stream

And its usual adjectives

Timid, tepid, placid words






Blog Photo - Stream closest

As if time has no meaning

To streams; no urgency

No agency or power


Blog Photo - Creek CU 2020

Come into my garden now

Behold the churning water below

Torrential, fast-moving, loud


Blog Photo - Stream furious 2

Save your gentle words, writer

Bring out the fierce and furious ones

My stream deserves no less.


A Good Home

Three Bloomin’ Good Deals on Flowers

British author Hilary Custance Green followed my advice and posted pictures of her success with amaryllis today. She inspired me to reblog this post.

Cynthia Reyes

It’s been snowing all bloomin’ day.

Everything’s covered with the fluffy white stuff, and it shows no sign of letting up.

If you’re a Southern Ontario gardner, this is not your favourite season — unless you’ve got one of those indoor greenhouse thingamijiggies and have already planted flower seeds.

I don’t have one of those things, so I opt for the least expensive flowers that can be bought at a store and will last a long time.

Blog Photo - Begonia late summer 2017My pot of Cyclamen, bought last winter, bloomed and bloomed indoors till May, then continued to bloom outdoors through the summer. At $5.99 at the nearby plant nursery, it was a gift!

As you may recall, the only thing I claim any expertise in is getting Amaryllis bulbs to rebloom.

Blog Photo - Amaryllis and Snow wider shotAfter their indoor bloom ends (soon, if not already), I water them regularly (adding fertilizer) and let the leaves grow. In spring, I…

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Saving a Local Bookstore

If you love books, and value bookstores, you’ll want to read this remarkable story. It started with a single tweet:
Petersfield Bookshop@The_PBS


Not a single book sold today…


We think think this maybe the first time ever…

We know its miserable out but if you’d like to help us out please find our Abebooks offering below, all at 25% off at the moment….

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Read the story here: