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I’ve Got The Blues

If you’d asked me if I had many blue flowers in my summer garden, I would have said ‘no’. Blog Photo - Blue Clematis single But turns out I would have been wrong. As borne out by this blue Clematis, above. The blue-lavender Clematis on the right, below. And the blue Salvia on the left. Blog Photo - BLue clems and Salvia Morning Glories get in on the act, and this one is lovely. Blog Photo - Blue Morning glory Blue Salvia will soon get crowded out by Margaritas… Blog Photo - Blue Salvia wide But right now it’s holding its own. Blog Photo - Blue Salvia Group Blue and yellow make a refreshing mix in the garden. Blog Photo - Blue Salvia and Yellow And — honestly — this Clematis below is a blue-lavender. But compared to the sky, it’s positively pink. Blog Photo - Blue-Pink clems

Blog Photo - Garden rain cu of lavender blue clematis

Except for this other blue Clematis, which has somehow risen above the pink one and is holding court. Blog Photo - Blue clems atop Pinks While, just below them both, this flower – whose name I’ve never learned – blooms all summer. Blog Photo - Blue No-Name Do you know what it is? Almost a Forget-Me-Not, but I don’t know what it is or where it came from.

Blog Photo - Blue forget me not -- closer

It’s a far more vivid blue than the photo shows.

Blog Photo - Blue Something CU Here’s to the blues!