I’ve Got The Blues

If you’d asked me if I had many blue flowers in my summer garden, I would have said ‘no’. Blog Photo - Blue Clematis single But turns out I would have been wrong. As borne out by this blue Clematis, above. The blue-lavender Clematis on the right, below. And the blue Salvia on the left. Blog Photo - BLue clems and Salvia Morning Glories get in on the act, and this one is lovely. Blog Photo - Blue Morning glory Blue Salvia will soon get crowded out by Margaritas… Blog Photo - Blue Salvia wide But right now it’s holding its own. Blog Photo - Blue Salvia Group Blue and yellow make a refreshing mix in the garden. Blog Photo - Blue Salvia and Yellow And — honestly — this Clematis below is a blue-lavender. But compared to the sky, it’s positively pink. Blog Photo - Blue-Pink clems

Blog Photo - Garden rain cu of lavender blue clematis

Except for this other blue Clematis, which has somehow risen above the pink one and is holding court. Blog Photo - Blue clems atop Pinks While, just below them both, this flower – whose name I’ve never learned – blooms all summer. Blog Photo - Blue No-Name Do you know what it is? Almost a Forget-Me-Not, but I don’t know what it is or where it came from.

Blog Photo - Blue forget me not -- closer

It’s a far more vivid blue than the photo shows.

Blog Photo - Blue Something CU Here’s to the blues!



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46 responses to “I’ve Got The Blues

  1. They are all gorgeous! Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Cynthia. Have a great weekend!!

  2. I love all your beautiful, blue flowers!

  3. Ann Moser

    Blues are absolutely brilliant in the garden. “The blues” are a most wonderful atmosphere for quiet reflection.

  4. I love blues in a garden. Heck, I just love YOUR garden. Keep those pictures coming!

  5. Does it have hairy leaves? Possibly one of the Borage family, maybe a bugloss?

  6. There’s no such thing as too much blue in a garden. Your mystery plant looks like it might be cappadocian navelwort (Omphalodes cappadocica.) There are several varieties available.

  7. That’s what I love about gardens. Stuff just appears.



    • Stuff sure does. How does your garden grow? with your new books out, any time to garden?

      • New books, Mum about to have an op, new kitten who is bat plop mad and end of term madness (lots of things I have to go to up at the school) and trying to squeeze in a visit to the in laws too, who live 5 hours away… so yeh… quite busy. Happy though.



  8. I find I usually have more blue flowers in my garden than any other colour and I am always drawn to blue wild flowers too. Thank-you for sharing. I also was going to say your mystery flower looks like a type of omphalodes.

  9. I really like blue flowers, but I can’t help with your mystery one, I’d like to though its very pretty and looks lovely with the frothy green Alchemilla mollis behind.

  10. Jim

    Very nice. Thanks Cynthia. Awesome blues. I have a notable lack of blues in the garden right now, as I discuss in the post I’m currently constructing. I’m glad you have the blues. 🙂

  11. Mmmmmm … I love the blues! That Morning Glory is just spectacular! It almost looks unreal; it’s so vibrant, deep and rich in color. Nice photos, too!

  12. What lovely flowers! All shades of blue.

    • Thank you. It’s a bit exuberant but even the boxwood edging – planted to impose order on the garden beds – has become over-exuberant too. Sigh…..
      Now I just claim it’s English-garden style.

  13. I love blue flowers too. Your mystery plant is not Omphalodes; that is a spring flower. It is the Chinese Forgetmenot, Cynoglossum amabile. And very pretty it is too.

  14. Wow, glad you found out what your flower is because I have one just like it, but it hasn’t bloomed yet. Now I know what it is, but have no idea where it came from. Amazing how gardens do that. Recently we found a wild rose beside a post, thinking the seed was dropped there by a bird.

  15. Blue flowers are so relaxing and peaceful, Cynthia. I didn’t know what that flower was ether, but I see Chloris has provided the answer. Well done 😀

  16. I love blue flowers but my go to color seems to be reds. I love reds in my garden as well. Seeing all of these beautiful blues makes me realize, I need a shopping trip to the market for some more blues!

  17. I’m crazy about blue in the garden, and found myself nose-to-nose with my screen looking at your beautiful flowers.
    I am also deep into your book at last and loving every page.

  18. So lovely! Blue is my favorite color and you really have some beautiful blues in your garden! The combination of the blue salvia and the white margarite daisies must be gorgeous.

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