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Flowers for Dale

For my friend Dale, some red flowers to melt the ice this winter:

Blog Photo - Garden - Red begonias in pot2

These flowers are to remind you that spring follows winter and summer follows spring, and you’ll be able to stroll in the garden and smell the flowers.

Blog Photo - Garden - Lawn Bee Balm and hosta

I hope.

Blog Photo - Verandah - Bee Balm Single

Dale – like many other Canadians this February – is bravely but unhappily bearing up under the brutal cold and snow.

Blog Photo - Garden - Red fernleaf peony

“Yup…. snowed under.

Frozen as the brass balls on the proverbial monkey — effing February.  

I did take time from shoveling, freezing and ranting to note that you didn’t make it here this month.  Not surprised.  There’s a reason bears hibernate.  

It all makes me want to eat donuts and I don’t even like donuts! ”

Cheer up, Dale!

Blog Photo - Garden - Bee Balm Splendour

These red Bee Balm are meant to be a balm for your winter-weary spirit.

Blog Photo - Garden - Red Bee Balm and purple clems

But I think Dale may have already lost her sense of humour over this winter weather:

“Today the sun is shining but ‘extreme cold warning’….

I wish those people on the radio would piss off…. we know it’s cold… enuf already.  

Remind me:  why did you leave Jamaica??” 

Blog Photo - Garden - Red Wiegela

Dale, thanks for making me smile. I hope these flowers do the same for you. Deo Volente, better days are ahead!

Blog Photo - Garden - Begonias and Muskoka Chairs 23 006


Dedicated to Dale and everyone who is trying to get through this cold weather.