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Flowers for Dale

For my friend Dale, some red flowers to melt the ice this winter:

Blog Photo - Garden - Red begonias in pot2

These flowers are to remind you that spring follows winter and summer follows spring, and you’ll be able to stroll in the garden and smell the flowers.

Blog Photo - Garden - Lawn Bee Balm and hosta

I hope.

Blog Photo - Verandah - Bee Balm Single

Dale – like many other Canadians this February – is bravely but unhappily bearing up under the brutal cold and snow.

Blog Photo - Garden - Red fernleaf peony

“Yup…. snowed under.

Frozen as the brass balls on the proverbial monkey — effing February.  

I did take time from shoveling, freezing and ranting to note that you didn’t make it here this month.  Not surprised.  There’s a reason bears hibernate.  

It all makes me want to eat donuts and I don’t even like donuts! ”

Cheer up, Dale!

Blog Photo - Garden - Bee Balm Splendour

These red Bee Balm are meant to be a balm for your winter-weary spirit.

Blog Photo - Garden - Red Bee Balm and purple clems

But I think Dale may have already lost her sense of humour over this winter weather:

“Today the sun is shining but ‘extreme cold warning’….

I wish those people on the radio would piss off…. we know it’s cold… enuf already.  

Remind me:  why did you leave Jamaica??” 

Blog Photo - Garden - Red Wiegela

Dale, thanks for making me smile. I hope these flowers do the same for you. Deo Volente, better days are ahead!

Blog Photo - Garden - Begonias and Muskoka Chairs 23 006


Dedicated to Dale and everyone who is trying to get through this cold weather.

42 thoughts on “Flowers for Dale”

    1. There are days, I wonder…. did you know that Canada once expressed interest in buying the Turks and Caicos Islands? Canadians were thrilled – till we discovered that we couldn’t actually move the islands to Canada….

      1. I wish I could do that, Brad especially in winter! I have some relatives there, but almost all the family is in the UK, US and Canada, with a few in Germany, Middle East, etc.

      2. Oh well, I’m probably projecting because I’m overdue for any vacation and missing the beach since I haven’t been to one for about 6 years. I grew up on the east coast and we went yearly. 🙂

  1. Well, the flowers aren’t for me, but I sure did enjoy seeing them, Cynthia. Thank you for adding some warmth to these cold days. Wind chill this morning -25. Tomorrow supposed to be -30. Burrrr… Stay warm and safe. 🙂

      1. It has cooled down here again too. And of course, the wind always seems to blow the hardest when it’s the coldest. Hate that. It’s okay, Cynthia, about the response. I have a terrible time keeping up with who answers what and I’m positiver I’ve missed quite a few. 😀

    1. Hi Clare: we are fortunate to be safe in our warm house. The pain gets worse, but I keep reminding myself how fortunate I am. Still, I have to partake of Canada’s national past-time – complaining about the weather. It’s unpatriotic to do otherwise. (smile)

      1. Oh Cynthia! My thoughts and prayers are with you; I hope the pain recedes very quickly. The British complain about the weather but really we have nothing to gripe about compared with you Canadians! With love.

  2. Hi Cynthia, they are really lovely flowers and thoughts for your friend Dale, I they do the trick and that you finally get a break from the cold weather.

  3. hmmm, lovely flowers…I can almost smell them, hear the bees buzzing and feel the warm sun on my skin…ah, just a few weeks more. Right..for now…I am of putting on my three layers, hat, mufflers, fake fur and put charley her coat on…she wants to go walkies…brrrr. when I come home I will look at your photos again;0) xo Johanna

    1. I can see you donning your three layers. I went out today briefly and had to come back in. It was like an all-out attack on my respiratory system! My goodness — this is beyond cold.

    1. We’ll do our best, Allen — whining, whingeing and carping all the way! Apparently we Canucks are second only to the Brits in whining about the weather, but we do it so well!

  4. I, for one, am quite happy about your harsh weather, because it has brought lovely Canadians to my Christchurch neighborhood. Where would I be without my Canadian dentist, my Canadian vet and my lovely Canadian friend? ( That’s really taking complaining to a new level, isn’t it, when you prefer earthquakes to snow? ) 😀 😀 Hope you warm up soon.

  5. Right now, it’s very hard to believe that spring will ever come–but your flowers help. I love seeing the peony because I love my peonies and now I can imagine them waiting, under the snow, planning their appearance!

  6. Yuk! I hope you have warm stuff soon. I am growing tired of the cold too, but I can cope when the sun shines. Also it is spring here. There are bulbs, crocuses and the birds are singing REALLY loudly. 🙂 all the best for a spring for you soon.



  7. Ah yes, the cold. We have taken temporary refuge, first with family and now with friends, to escape having to travel as far as we usually do in it. Friends have generally been a great help in getting us through this winter – and now the lovely warmth of flowers and warm wishes for your friend Dale help just a little bit more. May the weather grow warmer soon and quickly, and the challenges of winter fade away!

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