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Worried about people violating your blog copyright?

Here are three clever, eye-catching notices that I’ve come across since blogging. Coincidentally, these three blogs are among my favorites. Do check them out!



From Gallivanta’s beautiful and wise blog, silkannthreades:

“All the content, photos and text and original ideas in this blog are copyright to silkannthreades. Please be courteous and respect my copyright. You can do this by asking my permission to use, copy or Reblog any of my material.

“If you are too shy to ask, please at the very least, give full credit to my blog. And if you’re too shy to do even that, please only use my work in a way that respects its integrity. THANK YOU in anticipation of your GOODWILL.”



Elizabeth Melton Parson’s excellent blog  warned: “The copyright notice is at the end of this post. If you fail to abide by it, ‘May the curse of Mary Malone and her nine, blind, illegitimate children chase you so far over the hills of damnation that the good Lord Himself can’t find you with a telescope.”



And, from The Hermit’s Door , a warning of the canine kind:

“Here in the mountains, if you want to borrow something, ask first. You don’t take tools from someone’s barn and claim they are yours. We have dogs who take care of folks who think they own someone else’s stuff.

“If you borrow something, return it in good condition. If you have any questions about whether this blog is copyright protected, talk to my dog.”

So, after reading all these, I’d like to write a copyright notice of my own. Any ideas for something clever and emphatic? 



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Five Acrylic Paintings: Homes and Flowers

I’m pleased to bring you the art of Elizabeth Melton Parsons,writer and painter. Having only one talent, writing, I’m in awe of people like Elizabeth, who can write AND paint. This series is about HOME.

Elizabeth Melton Parsons

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