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Five Acrylic Paintings: Homes and Flowers

I’m pleased to bring you the art of Elizabeth Melton Parsons,writer and painter. Having only one talent, writing, I’m in awe of people like Elizabeth, who can write AND paint. This series is about HOME.

Elizabeth Melton Parsons

More of my paintings:

Home and Garden-1 Home and Garden-1

Home and Garden-2 Home and Garden-2

Home and Garden-3 Home and Garden-3

Home and Garden-4 Home and Garden-4

Flowers Flowers

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21 thoughts on “Five Acrylic Paintings: Homes and Flowers”

      1. Could anyone figure out what the heck you were trying to paint/express? Could you? If the answer to one of those is Yes, you’re already on the road to being a painter, yes?

      1. I greatly admire artists like Elizabeth who so vividly capture a scene, a moment, not only in imagery but the depth of colour that brings art to life.

      2. I too have mastered the stick figure 😉 I believe we’re all born with a talent(s) that comes naturally, without effort, like artists, No painting in my genes, but tireless in my passion to raise awareness/support for the underappreciated arts.

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