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A Bloomin’ Finale

Welcome to the last of the summer vines.

Blog Photo - Last Purple Clem 2

Purple clematis hanging on, above.

Also, do you remember that the wild rabbits ate two of my favorite clematis vines right down to the ground last winter?

Well, the pink one finally resurrected itself in mid-summer. And started blooming this week.

Blog Photo - Last Clem Vine - Single Pink CU

I’m glad, because it’s the clematis on the cover of my book, A Good Home.

Blog Photo - Arbor and pink clematis

agoodhome_cynthiareyesAnd I’m taking it as a sign that there’ll be more books in my future!

Blog Photo - Last Clematis Pink

Meanwhile, I walked around the garden in search of more ‘last blooms’. Ever tried holding a cane in one hand and a camera in the other?

The result is uneven. (Some of you, my blogger friends, are fantabulous photographers, so –  be kind!)

Blog Photo - Last Hosta to Bloom

Blog Photo - Last Hosta to Bloom CU

The white-blooming hosta, above,  is a fresh sight in the fading garden.

So is a very late Annabelle hydrangea bloom.

Blog Photo - Last White Hydrangea CU

Normally, they’ve all turned green already.

Blog Photo - Last Blooms - Green Hyrdrangea

The morning glories are now blooming in two colours, though I planted only one (the blue-purple).

Blog Photo - Last Morning Glories

Blog Photo - Last Morning Glories Single Blue

Blog Photo - Last Morning Glories CU Blue

Some flowers bloom gloriously….

… and some are shy.

Blog Photo - Last Puprle clem to bloom

Just like people.

Wishing you a happy Labour Day weekend.


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Clematis a-bloomin’

I promised a blogger-friend that I’d post pictures of clematis in bloom.

But the gosh-darn rabbits ate almost every clematis right down to the ground last winter and spring, so I didn’t know what would come back and what was a goner. Blog Photo - Clems doubles Blog Photo - Blue clematis2 We had a few casualties, indeed. We lost the gorgeous white clematis. Blog Photo - Clematis white And the beautiful pink one that graces the arbour on the cover of my book, A Good Home.  Blog Photo - Pink Clematis But there’s much to be thankful for. Blog Photo - Blue-Pink clems Blog Photo - Garden rain pink and lavender clems Blog Photo - Blue Clematis single Blog Photo - Garden rain Clematis dark blue Now, it’s not all smooth sailing. A few are really struggling, and insects have also attacked them.Blog Photo - Clems Light pink Blog Photo - Clem Pink and white But the point is that they returned. And others came back in full force. Blog Photo - Clems - Burgundy Blog Photo - Blue clems atop Pinks This shy little red clematis decided to spread its wings — er, vines. Blog Photo - Red clems on Trellis This one below escaped the rabbits and is full of blooms now. Blog Photo - Clem Purple Now, don’t go asking me all their names.  Some days, I don’t even remember my own….. But I hope you are suitably impressed – I know I am! Several of these vines were bought for a few bucks at end of gardening seasons in years past, and planted by my Better Half.

I’m especially impressed with this bloom below- usually the first to flower, this clematis missed its moment because the rabbits ate the whole vine and it had to start up again from its roots underground.

But now it’s sent out a single bloom! Blog Photo - clem single pink


Dedicated to late bloomers and other survivors.