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A Bloomin’ Finale

Welcome to the last of the summer vines.

Blog Photo - Last Purple Clem 2

Purple clematis hanging on, above.

Also, do you remember that the wild rabbits ate two of my favorite clematis vines right down to the ground last winter?

Well, the pink one finally resurrected itself in mid-summer. And started blooming this week.

Blog Photo - Last Clem Vine - Single Pink CU

I’m glad, because it’s the clematis on the cover of my book, A Good Home.

Blog Photo - Arbor and pink clematis

agoodhome_cynthiareyesAnd I’m taking it as a sign that there’ll be more books in my future!

Blog Photo - Last Clematis Pink

Meanwhile, I walked around the garden in search of more ‘last blooms’. Ever tried holding a cane in one hand and a camera in the other?

The result is uneven. (Some of you, my blogger friends, are fantabulous photographers, so –  be kind!)

Blog Photo - Last Hosta to Bloom

Blog Photo - Last Hosta to Bloom CU

The white-blooming hosta, above,  is a fresh sight in the fading garden.

So is a very late Annabelle hydrangea bloom.

Blog Photo - Last White Hydrangea CU

Normally, they’ve all turned green already.

Blog Photo - Last Blooms - Green Hyrdrangea

The morning glories are now blooming in two colours, though I planted only one (the blue-purple).

Blog Photo - Last Morning Glories

Blog Photo - Last Morning Glories Single Blue

Blog Photo - Last Morning Glories CU Blue

Some flowers bloom gloriously….

… and some are shy.

Blog Photo - Last Puprle clem to bloom

Just like people.

Wishing you a happy Labour Day weekend.


40 thoughts on “A Bloomin’ Finale”

  1. A beautiful floral swan-song! Don’t run yourself down! Your photographs are lovely. I think you do marvellously as not many people could do half as well holding a cane and a camera. I hope you have had a good weekend.

  2. Thank you for that reaction. At least I don’t have to lie on my belly to photograph rare wildflowers and other stuff, the way you do.
    Yes, that white hydrangea bloom is such a lovely sight at summer’s end.

  3. Wow, what blooming lovelies you do have at the end of summer. Things like that have long since gone down here and won’t be back until next time around. What a breath of fresh air to one who is so very, very tired of the heat. Thanks, Cynthia, for a luscious feast for the eyes and soul! Love and hugs, N 🙂

  4. I am so glad that you have been sent a little sign via the language of flowers. Writing a book can not be easy, but your flowers and your followers are rooting for you! I think the way that your Clematis has bloomed again is inspirational and lovely.
    Your flowers are so special. It is as if they are imbued with something of your essence. Sometimes we do not recognise how we influence our environment and those around us, but your flowers are special and enable us to share in who you are. Thank you!

    1. Karen, I’m grateful for your comments. You are a generous soul. Thank you. And, as you know, I love and value your beautiful posts. I hope you are feeling better these days. It’s so hard to lose a beloved pet companion.

  5. Good morning Cynthia, your late summer flowers are beautiful! I love the hosta flowers, that one is fragrant too! We have another rush of roses blooming but the flowers are not a large as they are in the spring. Our hot summer has started taking a toll on the garden. Fall is on the way soon 🙂

  6. Beautiful flowers! Hard to believe it’s the end of the season already. This was a fast spring and summer, in my book. And yes, the blooming pink flower from your last book’s cover DOES indicate a successful new book, or even a STRING of successful new books. Cheers!

  7. Thank you for sharing your glory of blooms. And I personally am of the opinion that someone needs to invent a one-handed camera that’s easy to use for people with canes. I’m lucky – now I can hang my cane over my arm and use both hands for my camera (also known, often, as my phone), as long as I am standing still. Interesting that now I am grateful for such a thing, when my younger self would have been horrified/terrified at the thought!

    1. Now, there’s an idea!

      I never really thought much about these needs before I had the accident either.
      We really do tend to take our bodies for granted till one day something happens and you simply can’t anymore. Today I was talking about the 89-year old woman in my rehabilitation group who could do certain physical exercises that I couldn’t. I looked at her in amazement – and felt embarrassed for myself!

      1. You know, I look at all those who have never questioned the many things they do with ease, and realize that I was one of those. Not unsympathetic to those who are differently-abled, but not comprehending how different life was for them until it became different for me.
        Now I hold fast to the thought that hard work and desire will take me as far as this body is willing to go with the limitations it has – knowing that every body is different. It has taken me further than I thought it might! It’s finding the place that’s the new normal that’s hard.
        Because everyone has a different ‘normal’. Maybe that’s the most profound lesson I’ve learned.
        Wishing you progress, and pleasure where you find it. And thanking you for the pleasures you share here.

  8. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    We are just on the cusp of much colder nights with still fairly warm days – this means a change over to the winter pansies that seem to survive anything the mountain weather throws at them. It seems a long time until the roses begin to bloom again in May but thankfully we can always pop into Cynthia Reyes blog and indulge in some bloom therapy…..

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