A Good Home

The Planet of Baby

It’s a whole new planet.

Blog Photo - Baby swing2

Baby Land.

A land where Grandbaby rules supreme.

Blog Photo - Baby bassinet and car seat in dining room

A land of baby bassinets, bibs and bouncers —

Yes, bouncers. As I write, I’m using my left foot to gently rock the grandbaby in a ‘bouncer’. 

My foot and I practiced beforehand. You need to be gentle.

Blog Photo - Baby bouncer and my left foot2

Now, you may remember that I’m an un-domestic goddess – ghastly at all the fine arts of homemaking and mistress of the messy home office. But one thing gave me pride: the rest of my house was usually tidy.

Blog Photo - Baby story tidy living room

Well, not anymore! 

Every room of our house – including this once-gleaming glass-topped coffee table — is punctuated with baby things!

Blog Photo - Baby mat and mobile on coffee table

Bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, bathroom, everywhere…

Blog Photo - Baby bath in bathroom

Stuff the parents bought (like the activity mat 2 photos above), but mostly stuff they were given by kind family and friends (like this baby bathtub above and the high chair, below).

Blog Photo - Baby high chair in kitchen

Stuff she won’t use for another few months.

And stuff I didn’t even know existed.

Goodbye, tidy house! Hello, sweet baby!  

Blog photo - Baby read a story by mother

Our family couldn’t be happier.