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This Writer Makes Special Gifts

I’m always curious about people who work in one profession but, late in the day, decide to act on their talent at making things. 

Blog Photo - Darcy booties

This time, I’m introducing you to Darcy McRae, who made these tiny booties — special order —  for my new grandchild.

Her items are modestly-priced, custom-ordered, handmade — what could be better?

Blog Photo - Darcy's green bears

An American who writes books under a different name, Darcy says:

“I’m always trying to hone my craft. I made my first completed scarf in the 6th grade and wore it everywhere.  By the time I was in high school, I was reading patterns. People have always commented, but I never believed in myself. I never expected to be selling my craft.

Blog Photo - Darcy hat and scarf grey

“When my online friends started telling me how they loved my work, it began to fill me with confidence.”

Blog Photo - Darcy and son

Darcy, a mother of six, learned to crochet in childhood.

“My Mom taught me to crochet. This is how she supported our family. My parents divorced, so she was raising six kids alone. I’ve always been a talker. I would interrupt her stitch count, so she taught me to crochet to keep me quiet.”

Much later, Darcy learned knitting to broaden her range of offerings.

“I learned to knit by watching a YouTube video. Lol!  I understand yarn, so learning to knit took about 10 minutes.” 

Blog Photo - Darcy holding yarn

As demand grew, Darcy recently decided to introduce her creations more widely via her brand new Etsy online store, Timeless by McRae. 

“I opened an Etsy Store to create an environment of integrity, so that those who were buying items could have a safe place to purchase the items. Many people don’t have Paypal or Cashapp, and I wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to purchase items.”

Blog Photo - Darcy Crocheted Angel

The results have been gratifying. That’s not surprising. Darcy takes a personal approach to every item, because each gift is usually ordered for someone who is special to the buyer.  She also prays as she creates, and she prays for each person she is knitting or crocheting for.

Blog Photo - Darcy Christmas Bear red

Knowing that each piece is an original, beautifully created for them, buyers shower Darcy with compliments. Karin left this message on her Etsy store:

“I’m delighted with this Teddy and I know my granddaughter will be too. In this day and age of mass produced junk it’s nice to be able to give a quality gift that is handmade to your specifications at such a reasonable price.”

Darcy says: “It’s always amazing how much a kind word or gesture can affect you. It made me love crocheting, and it made me want to reach further into designing my own patterns.”

Blog Photo - Darcy hat

Darcy still writes and hopes to publish books under her own name one day. She says she wants to create books that uplift and encourage.  Right now, the crocheted and knitted products are a passion that’s taking up a lot of her time and she loves it. And she has another dream:

“My dream is to be able to create fashion with a brand name of Timeless. I’d love to have a line of each medium, wool, cotton, and even silk and cashmere.” 

To reach Darcy via Twitter: @darcy_mcrae

Her Etsy store: https://etsy.me/2pofzbb