Moments of Joy

One of the tools they taught me at the rehabilitation hospital: focus on a happy scene.  When pain gets so bad that you feel like howling, visualize something that brings you joy.

These are some of the joyful images I have focused on in recent weeks:

Blog Photo - Flowers from Daughter

Flowers from my daughter and son-in-law, who live far away and send the nicest bouquets of flowers when we least expect it. Thank you, dear Daughter and Son-in-law.

Blog Photo - Lake Trees Sky

Scenes of water and trees during the warm months.

Blog Photo - CR and Kinu

Pictures of our gentle giant Kinu. Despite his enormous size, he was a sweet dog who had no idea why some strangers were reluctant to come close.

Blog Photo - Kitchen Dog Sleeps

Mr. D., the sweet little dog my younger daughter rescued three years ago.

Blog Photo - Dawson runs

Easter weekend made 3 years since she brought him home. (Thanks for your kind heart, dear Daughter.)

Scenes from summer, like the day lilies that will bloom profusely this July.

Blog Photo - flowers - Day lily double orange

Time spent on the verandah.

Blog Photo - Verandah chairs

And moments like this one below: I was signing books at St. George’s Anglican Church in Toronto this winter and a little girl, Tatyana, marched over and asked me to take a photo with her and her mother.  I was honoured.

Blog Photo - Tattyana, her Mom and cynthia at St. George's Church

Moments that bring joy are a gift beyond measure.


Thanks to Hamlin Grange for the lovely photos.


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Our Lady Spring

Originally posted on Cynthia Reyes:

My Lady Spring, I must confess

Your absence causes great distress

Why does it take so long for thee

To come back here and stay with me?

Mallard on Wing Mallard on Wing

The sun shines brightly on the land

But winter makes its own last stand

At least I thought it was the last

Till winter whispered “not so fast!”

Blog Photo -  Blooming rhubarb

The tips of future tulip flowers

Came out expecting springtime showers

Then came a blast of wicked cold

And tulip shrank back in its fold.

Blog Photo - Alium Bloom

Our Lady Spring, we need you so

Oh Lady Spring, where did you go?

Come back, relieve our suffering

And I will make this offering

Spring Garden - Pink Bleeding Heart

No more complaints of rain and fog

No more complaints that we can’t jog

We’ll gladly tolerate the bugs

We’ll stand outside and give them hugs

Spring Garden - Hyacinths

Oh gosh, I just read what I wrote

I take it back, that buggy quote


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