You’ve Never Seen Bird Feeders Like Jean Long’s

Imagine yourself a talented creator of furniture, wood furniture made mainly of pine and cedar. Beautiful benches, chests, cupboards and armoires furnish your home.

Blog Photo - Armoire

You end up with smaller pieces of wood, left-overs from those bigger items.

If you’re Jean Long, you use these pieces to make birdhouses and feeders.

Birdhouse with Drivers' License roof by J. Long

Birdhouse by Jean Long

An astonishing variety of birdhouses and bird feeders – most of them whimsical, each of them well-made, each unique in some way.

Blog Photo - Birdfeeeder 1

Although I’ve known Jean for years, and have been lucky enough to own a Jean Long birdhouse,  I start to smile the moment he opens his studio door for the latest tour:  I never know what to expect, but I know it will be fun – a journey of discovery!

Rustic birdhouse 2 - by Jean Long

Over the years, Jean has built hundreds of birdhouses.  

Blog Photo - Birdfeeder 3

Roughly half of them were given to friends or donated to organizations for fundraising purposes.

Blog Photo - Birdfeeder 2

Many are scattered over his 10-acre property.

Blog Photo - Yellow Birdhouse

A former educator in a demanding leadership role, Jean found building birdhouses a form of stress relief.  Retired now, he still has birdhouses on the brain.

Blog Photo - Birdfeeder 4

Since each creation is an original,  the challenge (and joy) is to keep creating new designs.

Blog Photo - Red Barn Birdhouse

Some ideas come to Jean in his dreams. Some come from the sheer drive to find out how many objects he can use in his birdhouse designs.  

“I use old rubber boots, watering cans, old lamps parts, hub caps, old metal roofing , scrap metal, old nails, old frames, old windows, barn wood, etc…. to build my birdhouses, Jean says.

Blog Photo - Boot House

Today, Jean is working on his 867th birdhouse. It’s a large, very complex one that takes much time and patience – he calls this kind his ‘’Xtreme Birdhouses’’.

Blog Photo - Jean building complex birdhouse

And they’re stunning, even when in progress.  I can hardly wait for this one to be completed.

For more information, to see or to acquire a birdhouse, please contact Jean at:




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43 responses to “You’ve Never Seen Bird Feeders Like Jean Long’s

  1. Lucie Banville

    Very proud of my brother….he does amazing work and he does it with lots of love….his sister Lucie

  2. Francine Normandeau

    Jean got his talents from my Dad….. always thinking of something new or old to build. I’am proud of my brother.
    Sister Francine

  3. Rita

    We’ll my brother is full of talent, in the house and all around his house. He does amazing project that will make you speechless. Good job brother…….. Your sister Rita xoxo

  4. Reblogged this on Cynthia Reyes and commented:

    This one’s for the Birds!!

  5. What fun – I want one of these! 🙂

  6. Delightful. Perhaps if I had a few bird houses like that, the birds would stop trying to nest under the eaves.

  7. Fantastic work – so creative! Love the incorporation of recycled/upcycled materials.

  8. Jim

    Yes ma’am those are some fine looking bird houses. I really like the one that looks like the barn. And I see you are doing what you do so well and so often here. Making somebody else look good – helping somebody else to shine. Have a wonderful weekend, Cynthia!

    • thanks, Jim.
      And thanks for the compliment. It’s not entirely altruistic, I must confess. I’ve rarely gone out in the last year (that’s why everyone came to my verandah) and by taking an interest in the lives and accomplishments of passionate people I know, I feel like I’m ‘adventuring’ a bit.

  9. I love the wellington boot bird house, what a great productive way to recycle. This is an inspiring post Cynthia. 🙂

  10. They are such fun. What an imagination.

  11. I LOVE rustic birdhouses. We have a few around our property also. None as wonderful as Jeans!!

  12. Very creatively crafted, the birdhouses! Love the colourful bird on top of one of them. Interesting post, Cynthia. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

  13. A wonderful stress-busting idea. Original and useful. Artistic too – he could easily put them in an exhibition. Thank-you for re-blogging this one. I thought I was suffering from deja-vu at first and felt a bit weird but then I realised I must have read it a while ago.

    • Hah! You and I have the opposite problem here. I would likely never remember if I saw something from several months ago!
      Actually, several of the photos are new. I added them to the existing post because I felt I hadn’t allowed enough photos in the original.

  14. It’s great to be surrounded by creative people!

  15. Oh, how wonderful! I love how he took the discarded and seemingly useless pieces of wood and turned them into such darling masterpieces for the birds.

  16. Oh, these are wonderful…he’s a clever man! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    We have placed water in large flat containers around our garden as we have lots of swallows and other birds in and around our garden on the mountain.. It is very dry at the moment 36 degrees yesterday with 15% humidity. I think that these luxury homes and feeders are delightful and certainly would bring a great many birds into anybody’s garden. thanks Cynthia.

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