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You Can’t Eat Flowers

This is the rallying cry of People Who Grow Vegetables.

People like My Better Half.

And his friend Vito, the neighbour who regularly turns up his nose at my flowers. Which is exactly why I had this picture taken of Vito among the flowers.

For spite.

Blog Photo - Vito amid the flowers

But I digress.


Sorry ’bout that.

Blog Photo - Veggie Garden Lettuce

Truth is, you have to give thanks for People Who Grow Vegetables, because while I love flowers, I also love to eat fresh food. So lettuce be grateful. (Sorry — I couldn’t resist.)

Here then, is a pictorial salute to vegetable gardeners. It is made up of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beets, lettuce, asparagus and other good stuff from the earth.

Blog Photo - Veggie Garden Cukes on Trellis nice

Blog Photo - Veggie Garden Longshot

Blog Photo - Veggie Garden Tomato Bed

The photos, as promised, are of My Better Half’s vegetable garden.

Blog Photo - Veggie Garden TomatoCU

Blog Photo - Veggie Garden Pepper CU

In this shot (below centre), asparagus spears have been left to grow into ferns. They’ll be thick and lush in weeks.

On the right are spinach and salad greens, including my favorite arugula. On the left: A raspberry bush, gifts from our friends Paddy and Jacqui. It’s loaded with berries right now.

Blog Photo - Veggie Garden Longshot2 with Asparagus

But what’s that I see? Flowers.

Yes! Vegetables have flowers….. starting with zucchini…

Blog Photo - Veggie Garden Zucchini Flower

Then cukes…

Blog Photo - Veggie Garden cukes in flower

And squash….

Blog Photo - Veggie Garden Squash flower

Gee whiz – it’s a veritable flower garden! Even the eggplant is bloomin’!

Blog Photo - Veggie Garden Eggplant in flower

Not sure about the eggplant, but I’m told that zucchini and other vegetable flowers are edible.

So who says you can’t eat flowers?

Photos by H. Grange

40 thoughts on “You Can’t Eat Flowers”

  1. great pictures and a still greater stimulation for our love of nature and beauty. How wonderful that the garden of Eden was our first home. Did we loose the garden to vegitarians? If Adam and Eve were Chinese they would have eaten the snake.

  2. You need to get a copy of “good Enough to Eat” by Jekka. My Canadian sister gave me a tea towel with edible flowers on…. Like my garden salad, make lettuce look much more enticing! 😉 viola, pinks, rose, calendula to name a few

  3. Your garden looks AMAZING! And yes, I agree with The Hopeful Herbalist that there are so many edible flowers! Tell Vito he is living in the past and to get stuck into some chargrilled chicken with Nasturtium butter!
    He looks a nice guy and I don’t believe he is quite the stick in the mud that he is pretending to be!
    You should open your garden to the public, it is divine!

    1. Armed with my fellow blogger’s information and encouragement, I will get ready for a re-match with Vito. Of course, he will then quote something philosophical in Italian or Latin to bolster his comments. And my Better Half will just smile and nod his head sagely.
      But open my garden to the public? Yikes. Did I say I’ve become a serious introvert?

    1. Gallivanta: Fellow author Erika Rummel agrees with you and also sent this link.

      Cynthia Reyes @CynthiaSReyes

      You Can’t Eat Flowers wp.me/p2m78t-T4 – 11 Jul

      Erika Rummel @historycracks

      @CynthiaSReyes No? Really? Check out homecooking.about.com/library/weekly…

      02:12 PM – 11 Jul 14

  4. Power to the potato! This is a lovely romp through your garden Cynthia. And I’m glad the others reminded you that some flowers are edible so we can bring Vito into the ranks of flower lovers. But then again, I love to eat my fresh veggies too. Power to all gardeners! XD

  5. Haha! I had to laugh. When my dad had an apartment after his divorce, he planted veggies everywhere. He loved the yellow blossoms and all the neighbors loved the veggies. I love sauteed squash blossoms myself.

  6. I think it would be best fot your marriage if you let the zuchinni flowers do what they are expected to do and don’t eat them. OK? Though perhaps I overstep my bounds. 🙂 Meanwhile maybe you should grow nasturtiums for your salads and visual entertainment. Oh, good looking veggies, by the way!

  7. Zuchinni have male and female flowers – only the female ones become zuchinni/courgettes so we can eat the male ones, can’t we? I enjoyed this post Cynthia, puns and all!

      1. Actually I did once, but I don’t remember much about it… yonks ago. It can’t have been bad, cause I would have remembered that! 😉

  8. I admire people who grow vegetables. They require so much more care than most flowers. Tell your hubby and his friends that there are plenty flowers we can eat. For example, day lilies (the orange ones) are delicious sauté with spinach (and they look pretty too!). 🙂

  9. What a lovely looking veggie garden and it looks so productive too. Nothing better than going out to pick something from your own garden. Perhaps your hubby would allow you to sprinkle some calendula and nasturtium seeds in there too – so pretty in a salad. I love fried zucchini flowers too – although maybe he wouldn’t be too pleased if you picked them all!

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