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You’ve Never Seen Bird Feeders Like Jean Long’s

This one’s for the Birds!!

Cynthia Reyes

Imagine yourself a talented creator of furniture, wood furniture made mainly of pine and cedar. Beautiful benches, chests, cupboards and armoires furnish your home.

Blog Photo - Armoire

You end up with smaller pieces of wood, left-overs from those bigger items.

If you’re Jean Long, you use these pieces to make birdhouses and feeders.

Birdhouse with Drivers' License roof by J. Long

Birdhouse by Jean Long

An astonishing variety of birdhouses and bird feeders – most of them whimsical, each of them well-made, each unique in some way.

Although I’ve known Jean for years, and have been lucky enough to own a Jean Long birdhouse,  I start to smile the moment he opens his studio door for the latest tour:  I never know what to expect, but I know it will be fun – a journey of discovery!

Rustic birdhouse 2 - by Jean Long

Over the years, Jean has built hundreds of birdhouses.  Roughly half of them were given to friends or donated to organizations for fundraising purposes. Many are scattered over his 10-acre…

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18 thoughts on “You’ve Never Seen Bird Feeders Like Jean Long’s”

  1. This is so fun. I also enjoy this,especially in the winter when times are slower. Thanks for sharing. You always speak of and show us the neatest stuff along with some of the persons. Have a great day my friend!!!😀

      1. It is cooler today. Mid 80s which is way better than the 100s we’ve had lately. I love the cool weather as well. My wife and I are going antiquing today. Should be fun.

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