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A salad mix from Gallivanta’s Herb Garden

A salad mix from Gallivanta’s Herb Garden.

Always amazed that when cold weather starts in the north, it’s SPRING in New Zealand, where one of my favorite writers, “Gallivanta”, lives. Enjoy.

8 thoughts on “A salad mix from Gallivanta’s Herb Garden”

  1. Oh what a lovely surprise to see my post on your post. Thank you, Cynthia. I have a confession. I was a little bit naughty (because I should have asked you first) but the other day I was so thrilled by your interview with Shelagh Rogers that I rang our National Radio (Radio New Zealand) http://www.radionz.co.nz/and recommended they follow up on that interview and your book. The person I spoke to listened to me seriously and took notes, but whether anything will come of it, I have no idea.

    1. You are such a friend! Thank you for doing this.
      anything else is bonus – the real gift is what you did.
      I no longer try to predict life – strange things do happen, and by far the most of them are good.

      Hope you’re enjoying Spring. Today is our first really cold fall day/night and the Scotch Bonnet peppers on the verandah had to be brought inside, along with other tender plants.

      1. It was my pleasure to do it…besides it was good practice for me to be bold. It was my first time to ring a radio station!!!!
        We have a spring chill in the air, so still must be wary of frosts.

  2. Just returned from Halifax & happy to see that you have been bossy & keeping an eye on the big guy! So relieved that all went well & he is home where you can really bring out the whip! It must have been all those wonderful hopes & prayers from friends & followers plus of course your bossiness that helped him on the road to wellness. A wonderful tribute to TORONTO Western. Now you remember to take time for yourself & rest. Thankyou Cynthia for sharing your ordeal with us. We admire your courage & love of your man.. Our thoughts & prayers to you both.

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