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A cup of tea and a slice of Lady Cynthia cake

Thanks to Marilyn at Simply Splendid Victorian Afternoon Teas for this recipe for a wonderful apple cake. It’s been enjoyed by many over the past year.

And what a privilege to have a cake named for me.


Simply Splendid Victorian Afternoon Teas & Events

The apple crop is bountiful this autumn.

Green grocers, famers markets and supermarkets are awash in local apple displays.
This situation calls for afternoon tea with an apple. We did just that. Yesterday.

agoodhome_cynthiareyesToday we are far more adventuresome with apples. After a quick consultation with broadcaster, author and fellow blogger Cynthia Reyes about apples and how to cook, can and consume them, we have decided to adapt one of Cynthia’s recipes for an apple cake. 

You will recall from earlier bogs that Cynthia is the author of A Good Home, a very good home indeed which boast a couple of heritage apple trees.

As we’ve toyed considerably with the recipe, we have re-christened it Lady Cynthia Cake.

Lady Cynthia cake w trimmings

200 grams unsalted butter at room temperature
1 cup cooking molasses (treacle)
2 large eggs
350 grams self-raising flour (or regular four plus one tablespoon baking powder)
100 gram rolled oats

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13 thoughts on “A cup of tea and a slice of Lady Cynthia cake”

  1. If I had the rum and treacle I would be making this cake right now. How interesting to have a cake with 3 different textures; cake base, fruit middle and pudding-like top. I hope the Lady Cynthia cake becomes a fixture at all good tea parties. 😉

  2. Great time for an apple cake. I am baking tomorrow, already bought some apples.
    I nominate you for a One Lovely blog award. The rules you can find in my latest post. Thank you for sharing all the good things! 🙂

  3. Thank you very kindly. How lovely.

    The only problem is that I don’t accept awards. Yikes, I’m sorry. BUT I am honoured by your even thinking of me.

    My best, and thanks again,

    1. Jeanne:
      It is a very yummy cake.
      All my life I dreamed of having a cake named for me…. okay, I’m kidding. all my life I was haunted by the Christmas cake I burned when I was an adolescent. so now this Lady Cynthia Cake makes me grin and makes up for my earlier failures.

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