Good News About A Good Home

***THIS UPDATE JUST ADDED ON  FRIDAY NOV.7: has replenished its stock at last!***


The good news is that demand for my book  A Good Home has spiked.

Unfortunately some booksellers such as have run out and are telling buyers the book won’t be available till January.

NOT TO WORRY. You can definitely get the book in time for Christmas. Here’s how:


  1. Please buy from, which always has my book in stock, AT A GREAT PRICE.
  2. Check or One or both sometimes have copies available at a good price when doesn’t have any at all. I don’t know why, but they often do.
  3. Check Booktopia (Australia)  also at a great price
  4. Check Barnes and Noble, Walmart or other online booksellers.
  5. Please let me know at: if you encounter any problems.
  6. And don’t forget: the e-book version is widely available.

My apologies for the hassle, and thanks to everyone who has bought or plans to buy the book. 



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28 responses to “Good News About A Good Home

  1. Thanks for the info. I shall purchase your book. 🙂

  2. Congrats Cynthia! I hope it keeps selling out! 🙂

  3. Congrats Cynthia!!!! 🙂 It is good to see people are reading a book about “home” where it all starts:-) Keep on writing for you are a gift to us all:-)

  4. Hi Cynthia. Glad to hear your good news. 🙂 I tried to buy the Kindle edition but Amazon said it was not available. Shall try again another time. Yes, keep up the writing! 🙂

  5. Hi Cynthia, by chance I searched for your book on the UK Amazon site and there was only 1 in stock, this was 2 days ago and a note on the site saying there were more on the way. This was with a view to send the link to my children for a Christmas gift (its in my Amazon basket). Do you know if stocks are being replaced here before Christmas too.

  6. Congratulations, Cynthia! I hope all these on-line book-sellers sort themselves out quickly.

  7. Poetsmith are you trying to access the book via Australian Amazon Kindle? I didn’t have a problem with Kindle but I use Amazon US or UK. Because I am in NZ , Amazon keeps trying to persuade me to use Amazon Australia but I don’t want to because it does seem to have restrictions. Cynthia this is great news for your book; that sales are spiking. 🙂

  8. Hi Cynthia, I bought a print copy from Amazon, Many blessings to you and your family, Ellen

  9. I am buying one for my mother!! Can’t wait to borrow it lol!!

  10. I was browsing a used bookstore today and thought of you when I saw a book called “A Good House.” It’s a novel by Bonnie Burnard and its setting is Ontario!

  11. Yes, Allen. I saw the title after my publisher and I had searched hundreds of other titles for A Good Home . Luckily, mine is not a novel. Bonnie is a terrific novelist.

  12. wonderful information and practical as well!

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