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Restless on the Shore…

The talented Margaret Mair, an island girl like myself, with a painting – and poem – for people like me who wish they were on a tropical beach this cold Ontario morning….

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Boats on the Beach (St Martin), Margaret Mair, original art Boats on the Beach (St Martin), Margaret Mair, original art

It calls, the sea,
To the restless boat
Uncomfortably cotched
On a sandy shore,
Longing for
Rocking waves
And cooling current
And the feel
Of wake moving
Singingly along
Her planked hull,
Dreaming of
Sliding pleasurably
Through the
Welcoming water
And leaving a path
Of lacy bubbles
Across the warm sea
To mark
Her gentle passage.
So may we travel
Leaving only
A beautiful lacery
Of memories
In our wake.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

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7 thoughts on “Restless on the Shore…”

  1. Thank you again for reblogging this, Cynthia, and helping share my work and words with so many more people!

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